Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Quilting At The Asylum


Yes, we were pretty crazy!  If you didn’t catch it in my last post, we spent three days quilting at My Hero’s office, which used to be a State Mental Institution.  Just for the record, a couple of us slept there two nights and didn’t hear a thing!!!  This is how we spent about 18 out of every 24 hours.  We didn’t waste much time sleeping.  Eating was another story!!!


I didn’t get any photos of the scrapbookers.  They were at the other end of the room.  We got a ton of stuff done.  J, in the far right corner, quilted and bound at least 3 runners and made an apron.  L, in the pink, made a gorgeous table topper or wallhanging.  She cut it out, pieced, and quilted it!  The lady in red did a gorgeous runner and got three memory quilts going.  She made several trips to the fabric store and did a ton of cutting and sewing corners!

My aunt, the lady with the vest on, made a gorgeous quilt using Rouenneries, by Moda.  She’s ready to order border fabric.  My MIL totally finished one quilt and was working on this one:


The top was pieced with a charm pack and borders.  The quilt was then layered and sewed with the cream bias strips.  When the quilt is washed, all the bias frays and looks like chenille.  This is her second one!!!

The scrapbookers seemed pleased with their progress as well. We also had another quilter show up the last day.

I wish I had taken more photos of everyone’s project.  Oh, well.  Next time!  I finished one top from several years ago and I did all the blocks for a quilt for The Genius.  More on that soon!!!

Today, it’s just Georgie and I at home.  I’m still stitching binding on the monster.  I have a little help though.


A quilt and a sunny day.  Heaven!


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4 thoughts on “Quilting At The Asylum

  1. What a great place to get togther, spread your stuff out and work and eat (eat & work?). Looks everyone was very productive.

    Your puppy is a smart one and knows where the comfort is!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!
    Such a cut puppy shot. 🙂

  3. so jealous…what a lovely weekend…

  4. It sounds like a wonderful and productive time! I can’t imagine getting so much done in a weekend!

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