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So Stinkin’ Cute!


Guess what I did today?  Here’s a clue.

Yup, it’s a puppy.  Nope, he’s not ours.

He does like My Hero though.

The poor puppy is terrified.  I don’t think he’s used to people.  I sat in the chair with him and talked to him.  His eyes welled up with tears and one tear dripped into his fur.  I didn’t know dogs cried.  Poor thing. He misses his brother.

He does like Frankie though.

But he’s not staying with us.  He’s moving to Georgia with The Genius. Waaaaaaaa!!!!

He’s a schitzu/bichon mix. He has very soft, silky fur that’s supposed to stay that soft.

There is a problem though.  He doesn’t have a name.  Any and all suggestions are welcome!!!  If The Genius uses your suggestion, I may just come up with a prize.


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25 thoughts on “So Stinkin’ Cute!

  1. I think you already named him — “Silky”! Then there’s “Buttons”….

  2. What an adorable puppy! He looks very sweet. I like the name Toby.

  3. How about Riley means an easy and pleasant life. Think he will have that.

  4. He is just so cute! I have been saving a few names for our next dog. I think Arnie and Tucker are two of my favorites. Best wishes to you and the the Genius with the puppy potty training.

  5. How about Gizmo? You can call him Gizzy for short. He’s SOOO cute!

  6. What an adorable little fellow. I think his name should be JASPER.

    Happy Holiday!!!!!

  7. How about Dilly? (after a Dilly bar of course :D)

  8. If he were my puppy, I’d name him Sweetheart for sure!

  9. Very cute! I’m awful with names so I’m no help there.

  10. He reminds me of a Latte!

  11. If he’s going to belong to The Genius, then he needs to be named Einstein or Darwin. =)

  12. I think a great name for a cute puppy like that should be “Snickers”.
    He is a cutie for sure!
    Happy Holidays!

  13. did someone already suggest “Stitches”? What a cutie pie….he’ll make a great companion for The Genius.

  14. We called ours Rusty because of his rust markings – might suit him too.

  15. So what did the name turn out to be? Inquiring minds want to know…

  16. He doesn’t get a name until I get home. I have to give him snuggles first.

  17. So funny-my brother-and-sister-in-law have a Bichon/Schitzu mix. He is really a cute dog and, Chris-his name is Toby!

  18. I think Genius just named him Sunggles!

  19. I think A Betty called it…Snuggles!! he’s so cute!!

  20. I like the name Matthias! After a very brave and loyal character in a book that my kids love.

  21. I dogsit for my boss’ dog, which is the same breed. yes, the fur will always be soft and silky – especially right after grooming! I think he looks like a “Charlie.”

  22. Puppy!!! SOOOOO cute!! How can you bear to let that cutie leave!

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