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I’m Chasing My Tail


Actually, so are the dogs.  The new puppy has been making life pretty unnerving for Georgie.  Poor Georgie.  She weighs about 4 times what the new puppy does, but she’s terrified of that little ball of fur.  Finally today, Georgie is trying to overcome her dislike of the little pest.

See Georgies ears flying.  They were moving!!!  Oh, and we’ll announce the puppy’s name by the end of the week.  The Genius gets home late Thursday night.  Look how cute he is!

I’ve been chasing my tail, doing all sorts of things.  We had our Thanksgiving dinner last night, since we ate Mexican food in Playa del Carmen on Thanksgiving day.  I cooked all day, and we ate in about thirty minutes.  Oh, well.  I didn’t have to do dishes.  Superblonde was just thrilled with the stuffing.  That is the best part, you know!

Oh, I’m sure you want to see the dessert, huh?

Of course it’s chocolate.  What did you expect?

On the knitting front, I finished all the miters for the Mitered V Capelet.  (rav link).  I took all the yarn with me to Mexico and forgot the book.  I messaged a couple people on ravelry and by that evening I had enough of the instructions to do the miters.

What you see in the photo is the back of the capelet.  I’m picking up stitches on two sides for the fronts.  One front will be black, and the other will be purple.  I’m using some of the yarn I purchased at Tess’ Yarn in Maine in October.  Her colors are fabulous!

Today I put The Genius’ quilt on the quilt machine.  I should be finished with the quilting tomorrow.  It needs binding and then it’s going in the washing machine.  Sometimes I like the new look of quilts, but this one is going to be washed right away!

Tomorrow night, a friend and I are going to do some Christmas baking.  It should be fun.  We’ll put on the Christmas music, and there’s snow in the forecast.  And I already got the groceries.  I don’t think I need to leave the house tomorrow.  I love those days!!!

I’m off to chase my tail some more!  It’s the most wonderful time of the year, you know!!!


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7 thoughts on “I’m Chasing My Tail

  1. I’m drooling over that dessert. It looks fabulous! As does the cape. =)

  2. looks like my next project is being test knit…again….LOL!

  3. Dogs, chocolate and yarn – what a great post! Happy tail chasing, I’ve been doing plenty of that myself. 🙂

  4. Baking with a friend sounds like heaven! I’m not sure I’ll get much time to bake this year. The cape looks wonderful and I hope to see your quilt soon.

    Poor Georgie! She needs to stand up to the new pup!

  5. I like that there is a photo of me above superblonde’s shoulder!

  6. I’m very behind on blog reaing, so imagine my SHOCK to see another doggie … Ms.Georgie must be having conniptions. But Gus is … adorable.

    Lovely lovey mitered work ….

    and condolences on the passing of Oral Roberts, who I know has been very important to you and your family.

  7. I dyed these yarns and I boxed them up and shipped them to you not knowing how you’d use them. What you have done is spectacular. The way you put these colors together is amazing!
    And the cake looks really good, too.

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