Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Drumroll, Please!!!


I know y’all have been holding your breath, waiting to find out what The Genius named her puppy.  First, let me tell you that she didn’t take any of your suggestions.  You know those college kids.  They won’t take any advice from anyone!

So, what did she name the pesty little furball?

Let me introduce you to Gus!  It really is appropriate.  The Genius watched Cinderella several times a day when she was small.  Remember the mouse named Gus?  And one of his mousie friends called him Gus-Gus.  We’re hearing that a lot at our house these days.

Speaking of The Genius, her quilt is quilted, but not without a bit of ingenuity.  Let me show you.

What?  Don’t you sew with your sewing machine on the floor???  Let me tell you a story.  On Monday night I went downstairs to load the quilt.  I purchased 108″ Moda backing, which was absolutely gorgeous.  When I got ready to load the backing, I realized I’d forgotten to square it up.  That would mean going all the way with bare feet in the snow upstairs.  And to top it off, my cutting table was piled high with all sorts of junk.  So…….I decided to just tear the fabric.  I pinned one end and then realized that the other end was crooked too, so I tore it.

I do remember reading somewhere that you aren’t supposed to tear 108″ backing, but I couldn’t remember why.  Well….I probably lost 6 inches of backing in the process.

Over the next few days, I quilted the whole quilt.  On Wednesday, I got to the last little bit, and realized my backing was about 1 inch too short.  So, fortunately I had a fat quarter of that fabric.  I made a strip, and rather than unpin the whole quilt from the quilt machine, I took my regular sewing machine downstairs, and put it on the floor.  I just sat on the floor and sewed that strip on.  Smart????  Well, I had to make up for the stupidity of tearing that backing somehow.  Anyway, the quilt is quilted, and I’m over half done with the binding.  And The Genius loves it.

I also have some new garland for my tree!

The One Row Scarf is finished.  I used 3 skeins of Berocco Jasper.  It’s wonderfully soft!  I finished it at a band and choir concert.  I was so cold, I wrapped it around my neck and knit really fast!!!

Right now I’m working on Cluaranach.  The last time I worked on it was February!!!  It really is a gorgeous shawl and I need to finish it!!!

I’ll be back soon with more adventures from Crazyville.  You know…Christmas shopping, cards, baking, parties, concerts.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year…


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7 thoughts on “Drumroll, Please!!!

  1. He does look like a Gus. 🙂
    Makes sense to me, I’m all about not walking upstairs, barefoot in the snow!!

  2. I just shared this puppy-name news with my husband and 11 yr old son…… Gus. We had quite a laugh. He’s a cutie! (the puppy, that is) (my son is handsome)

  3. I remember the Genius watching Cinderella and every time when the Prince showed up there was an “Ahhhhh” with a happy shiver. Good memories of the Gus movie.

  4. Love the scarf, the color is so Christmasey!! *S* I’m working on my second project, but I think that one shall be my third!

  5. Your scarf is fabulous and Gus is a cutie, he looks like the owner of the place where I have breakfast in the morning and his name is Gus too!

  6. that quilt is stunning…

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