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Lamest Blog Post Ever


Yes, we’re all alive and healthy.

Yes, we’re mostly having a great time.

Yes, The Genius is moved into her apartment.

No, I don’t have internet access most of the time.  I do have one quick photo for you though.  The Genius got new sheets to go with her new quilt.  Because I love her so much, I embroidered them for her.  You get one lame photo!!!

I’ll try to get a photo of the quilt when The Genius has finished digging out her bedroom.

Christmas in Nashville was a lot of fun. I have great photos that I’ll share.  That may not happen until we get home though.

Time to go for dinner.  Enjoy the last few days of 2009.  Life is just flying, isn’t it?


Author: mariajhmom

I'm a wife, mom, quilter, knitter, and spinner. I blog at

6 thoughts on “Lamest Blog Post Ever

  1. absolutely GORGEOUS embroidery….i was wondering how your trip went with the snowstorm chasing you?….

  2. Beautiful design of the Monogram! Lucky girl!

    Happy New Year … be safe out there in TN!

  3. Beautiful embroidery design. I sure hope you did that by machine. My eyes wouldn’t be able to handle doing that fine work.

  4. lovely embroidery have missed you so much Happy New Year to all of you

  5. love the quilt. The ice nativity is great.

  6. The quilt is beautiful … very special!
    We spent several days at the Gaylord a couple of years ago just before Christmas but in time to see the decorations. WOW isn’t that place something! The ICE show is really impressive, too. Sorry it wasn’t there when we were.

    Keep Stitching with a Smile!

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