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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Presenting…Vanna White


Oh, that’s not Vanna White.  That’s My Hero, showing off the new quilt in his office.  (Would you like to buy a vowel?)  This is where I get to brag…a lot.  Let me show you why.

Let’s just talk about this machine quilting.  Linda Hibbert is the amazing woman behind this gorgeous machine quilting.  I love feathers and told her to just go for it.  And wow, did she ever!  She said the quilt just talked to her.

There is a gorgeous feather in the middle of each of those stars.  The thing that probably amazes me more than anything is that she stitched in the ditch around every single star, and many other places, and you cannot see it.  But it makes the quilt that much more spectacular.

Notice the four pane windows.  You can’t see it on the photo, but the doors have doorknobs.  And look at the dimension in the green and tan squares.

Linda added so much to the eagle.  Look at the feathers in the wings.

I think I gave the details of the quilt before, but I’ll just quickly sum it up.  The center house blocks are from the book Fig Tree Quilts: Home by Joanna Figueroa.    Once I finished the center section, I added the braids to the sides and the floating stars all the way around.  The fabric is an older line from Moda called Sonnet by April Cornell.

I was almost sad to have this quilt leave home, but My Hero’s office is only a couple of miles away.  And it just makes his office look even better for our next quilt retreat!


Author: mariajhmom

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25 thoughts on “Presenting…Vanna White

  1. What a fabulous job you’ve done! The quilt is beyond gorgeous.

  2. How do we even begin to talk about YOUR work combined with Linda’s? A WINNING COMBINATION comes to mind. What a lovely lovely collaboration – it’s truly magnificent. Your Hero must be so happy! Thank you for sharing this really special piece

  3. That is a work of rare and wondrous beauty! You should both be very proud!

  4. Wow. Very impressive. I am in total awe of your talent. Linda is amazing also. I can’t imagine trying to get all that detail in something so large. Your Hero looks very proud!

  5. Maria, it’s just gorgeous! Thank you so much for the closeups of all the quilting. It really sets off your beautiful work!

    Gotta give Your Hero extra brownie points for displaying your quilt so prominently! He shows off your quilts, models your knitwear….the guy is AMAZING!

  6. Love this quilt – didn’t think it could get better than the pics you posted previously, but it has! I also really admire the scarf you posted yesterday – looks like you’re having a great year so far!

  7. Forget the office- that belongs in a museum!
    Though I’d LOVE to work every day with that hanging beside me on the wall.
    Beautiful beyond words. I’m putting this whole post on twitter. The world must see this.

  8. A true work of art!!!! You are both amazingly talented. Thank you for sharing the eye candy.

  9. Absolutely stunning!!

    Your hero has such a wonderful personality, it radiates from him.

    Lucky you!

  10. Two words – simply gorgeous!

  11. This is one spectacular quilt! I love it! And the quilting is just gorgeous! It would be hard for me to let that go even a couple of miles away from home!

  12. Ditto all the above and also a yup!!!

  13. WOW!! Maria, your quilt is stunning.
    I love, love, love the combo of piecing and applique.
    The quliting is spectacular!

    Your Hero is just precious — his pride and love for you just radiate from him.
    You are both blessed!

  14. The two of you together create pure magic, what a wonderful gift for your hubby!!!

  15. Oh, That is just gorgeous and huge! Looks wonderful hanging up.

  16. That is truly amazing. What a wonderful piece!

  17. That is so amazingly lovely!

  18. One word AMAZING
    Great job

  19. WOW! I am without words. Truly spectacular.

  20. What a gorgeous quilt!

  21. Stunning, stunning, stunning! Thank you for sharing!

  22. Wow Maria, this is so beautiful and it looks wonderful on the wall. What a lucky hubby!

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