Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Twice as Blessed


Superblonde is 16 today!  She started smile at two weeks, and hasn’t quit since.  Pray for her.  She’s taking her drivers test soon.  Scratch that!  Pray for her parents.  She’s taking her drivers test soon!

And Ms. In Charge is 11 today.  She’s been in charge since she was small too.  She was 19 months old when Frankie was born, and we had 5 gates up to keep her contained.  One kept her from the garage, one from going out the front door, one from the kids bedrooms because she’d trash them, one kept her from the basement.  The last one was on our bedroom door to keep her from her baby brother, because she thought she should take care of all 5 pounds of him!  She’s still sure she should be in charge of the whole world.

And she’d probably be good at it!

January 18th is a great day in the Crazy household!


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7 thoughts on “Twice as Blessed

  1. And Happy Birthday to the double great (like Great) great nieces.

  2. Happy Birthday to 2 of your adorable children!

  3. Happy birthday to both girls!

  4. Your girls are beautiful, and I wish them a very happy birthday. Six years ago today our family was placed with my Granddaughter Gwen, this was the day she was placed with my son and his wife, and I became a grandma, I don’t get to see her or be with her but I am so glad for that day and the joy she has given them.

  5. Two beauties, to be sure. Happy Birthday, girls. On the bright side of the license debacle, you’ll have more time to knit/quilt while SHE does the errands!

  6. Happy Birthday to both! It was a busy day – my son was born 27 years ago!

  7. Happy, Happy birthday to your babies.

    I was born on my monther’s birthday, and 1 day before my 7th birthday, my baby sister was born.

    I have always shared a birthday with a family member — and its not a bad way to celebrate!

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