Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn



It’s almost time for the Knitting Olympics.  Just in case there is some poor soul who has missed out on this event, let me explain.  The Knitting Olympics was started by Stephanie.  (I think it was in 2004.)  The event immediately became huge.  Knitters chose a project that would be a challenge.  You cast on during the opening ceremonies and had to have your project finished by the closing ceremonies.

I thought it was stupid.

So, when the Summer Olympics came around in 2008, I rethought the whole thing and chose a moron project.  I did this!  It was totally insane, but I finished it.

So….The 2010 Winter Olympics starts next Friday.  That’s six days away.  Since I finished the Summer Olympic project, I’ve been planning to do the Dale of Norway Vancouver sweater for My Hero.

No, that’s not my hubby.  He has too much hair and would never wear leg warmers.  I have the yarn for it.  It will be black with gray and lime green for the contrast colors.

Now I’m undecided.  Part of the problem is that we’re going to be gone for the last five days of the Olympics and I need my sewing machine to steek this thing.  Of course, My Hero offered to haul my sewing machine along, which seems like a big hassle to me.

The other problem is that I have about as much chance as a snowball in Florida of getting it done in 16 day.  It’s black stockinette on size 3 needles.

Last week this showed up at my house.

Its about 1,300 yard of Handmaiden Sea Silk, purchased at The Loopy Ewe.  I’d won a $25 gift certificate from Sherry and had to spend it and then some.  This is calling my name.  I know I could get something finished because it’s quite a bit less yardage than I knit for the Summer Olympics.

I have six days to decide.  I may just have the yarn, needles, and patterns for both projects on the couch beside me and when the opening ceremonies begin, I’ll just grab one and start.  Oh, the drama!!!  I’ll bet you can hardly stand the suspense.  Ha!

If anyone would like to join Team Cardigan on Ravelry, here’s the link.  You don’t need to knit a cardigan.  Obviously.

In the mean time, I’m going to quilt.  Today I’m going to put the borders on this. (Details to come when I finish.)

And then I’m going to play with this.

The jelly roll is Verna by Kate Spain for Moda.  The fat quarter pack is Oz by Momo.

I guess I’ll clean my house in March!


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7 thoughts on “Indecision

  1. Ohh, I was just eyeing Oz on the web last night, you lucky girl!

  2. Beautiful fabrics, beautiful yarn! I’m looking forward to your decision.

    Your Hero gets extra husband points for being willing to haul your sewing machine!

  3. Wow, crazy all right. If anyone can pull this one off, you can. Pressures on, girlie.

  4. I make my steeks a bit wider, 7 sts instead of 5, then I pick up my stitches (for sleeves, necklines, whatever) before I cut . I cut later, and then I don’t need to use the sewing machine to stabilize the stitches. The traditional Norwegian knitters didn’t use sewing machines, although some historic pieces showed evidence of hand back-stitching. I wonder which one you’ll choose.

  5. I vote for the green one. Do you know how bored you will be with black stockinette on a 3 needle? Unless you plan to never look at it while you watch TV. What is the plan for Verna and Oz. How can you decide? I am still looking at them daily on the Internet.

  6. i vote for the green one too! makes me think of spring….and flowers and mowing and all good things. both will be beautiful. good luck!!

  7. You don’t need to machine sew the steek you can hand sew a back stitch, or use a crochet hook and crochet a chain stitch.

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