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Here Comes The Sun


Wow!  Yesterday was dark and stormy.  Today is just God showing off His handiwork!  I love it!

The snow is glittering like it’s infused with millions of tiny diamonds.  I don’t think we’ve ever had this much snow in our back yard.  It has to be over 3 feet deep.  I love how the sun caught the camera lens and turned bright pink!

Why is it that when the kids have a snow day, I think I deserve one too?  Oh, well!  I had fun.  I finished this quilt. ( I really need to find a better way to photograph my quilts.)

The fabric is Hushabye by Tula Pink for Moda.  The pattern is Material Matters and it’s in the Fall 2009 Quilt Sampler Magazine.  This was one of those quilts that went together so easily.  Sometimes I have to spend so much time rescuing cut off points, but not this time.  And I mitered the borders.  I love mitered borders!

Last night I made all the blocks for Sweet Menagerie, a free Moda Bake Shop pattern.  If you look at the pattern, Roslyn used the Hushabye fabric that I used in the project above!

I’m using Verna by Kate Spain for Moda.  I can put the center of the quilt together, but I had to order fabric for one little border!  This quilt is made with one jelly roll, some background fabric, and just a little yardage for the border.  The blocks went together really quickly.

Yes, I’m still knitting!  I’m kind of saving up for the Knitting Olympics.  (Three days!!!  And I’m still undecided about which project I’m going to do.  I’m leaning though.)    I’m working on the neon pink hat.  I also started a lace project last week.

It’s Sivia Harding’s Norwegian Woods Shawl.  The yarn is Malabrigo sock yarn and the color is Abril.

Today my creativity needs to take a sharp left turn.  I need to create order out of chaos.  Think bedrooms and laundry room.  You may not hear from me for a few days!!!


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9 thoughts on “Here Comes The Sun

  1. Wow, you have a lot of snow. Here in the middle of Michigan we don’t have much but we might get 5-9 inches today. Ok, I just want to tell you that I love your quilt top and am looking forward to seeing the verna fabric quilt finished. I really like the verna line and am hoping to be able to buy some soon. The only hamper to that is that my husband has decided he wants to put wood flooring in the living room, kitchen, dinning room, family room, 4th bedroom and both hallways we have. There goes $4000. Oh well. Have fun with your snow.

  2. Love your Verna quilt! Somehow I missed that project on the Bakeshop…it’s really wonderful!

  3. Beautiful quilts! I love the pattern of the hushabye one, I think I have that magazine…I’ll have to dig it out. My backyard looks just like yours, I am wondering if the weight of the snow is too much for our deck, but I don’t want to shovel it! I just love your posts; I go through the same debates daily…sew or clean!

  4. I like your quilts sooooo much and your mitered corners are beautiful! Also appreciated your backyard snow image – we are waiting for ours to arrive – a real noreastor is en route! You are creating beauty – thanks so much for sharing. I can always count on total inspiration when I visit you.

  5. Gorgeous miter not to mention the entire quilt.

  6. love that first picture!! looks so peaceful… and i’m super jealous of your hushabye & verna quilts!!

  7. Ooh I love your Material Matters & Sweet Menagerie quilts. They’re both beautiful and I especially love the bright colors in the Menagerie one! Great job! Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway! Have a great day!

  8. I visited Evelyn’s in Newmarket to show off my monkey quilt and came home with some fabric that caught my eye as soon as I walked in; I thought it looked familiar…
    4 x 1.25 metre cuts of Hushabye came home with me, (and a pattern) (that I didn’t need) but I’m happy to say I was able to work with 10 fat quarters of the Heaven Can Wait line from 2006 to make up my own ‘kit’. Maybe someday I’ll post a photo or two! Your quilts are very lovely and inspiring! Thanks for sharing. BTW I’m voting for the lace project to be cast on on Friday!

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