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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Profile of an Olympic Athlete


Here’s my Olympic guy.  I’m not sure if he’s ready to throw a shotput or take off running into the wild blue yonder.

The guy is ripped!  It must be all that time he spends sitting at his desk!

How do you like those sleeves?  The good news is, I measured his favorite Norwegian sweater and this one is identical so far!!!  It would really stink to put all this work into a sweater and have it not fit.  I can quit worrying about that!

I’ve got 6 inches of the body completed.  I need 18 inches to the armhole steek.  I haven’t dared look to see what’s beyond that.  The black stockinette is just riveting!

That bottom band is folded under to form the casing for the shock cord.  (Why is it called a shock cord?)  The knit 2 purl 2 rib runs up both sides of the sweater to the sleeve.  It will show off My Hero’s great physique!

I feel like I’m on schedule to complete this on time.  I’m almost half way through the yarn, and this is only day 7 of 17.  This is doable!

I haven’t left the house since Sunday, but I’m just fine with that.  My crock pot has gotten lots of use this week, and I got all the laundry done, so it’s not even total chaos around here.  I am going to go get groceries this morning.  Tomorrow I’m throwing a great big turkey in the oven.  That should keep everyone from starving over the weekend.

And then it’s just all black stockinette all weekend!  Good thing I’m being totally entertained by the Olympics.  That’s what this is all about, right?

Gotta love this nut!


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10 thoughts on “Profile of an Olympic Athlete

  1. Yay for being married to a good sport about the knitting silliness! I got one too! (see )

    All that black stockinette is true love.

  2. He seems quite excited about his sweater! I’m cheering you on….

    Don’t you just love Dales?

  3. Bravo!!!! It is going to be wonderful!!!!

  4. You make me laugh. And Mr. Passing Down Crazy? Well, he is a very good sport. Love the sweater. Your knitting skills AMAZE me. I have never had any crafting item more foreign in my hands than knitting needles. The crochet hook feels natural. Needles…not so much. I might have to give it another try, though. I love how knitting looks, and I love the yarn store almost as much as I love the fabric store.

  5. He’s crazy fun! Always such a good sport!

    I’m THRILLED that this is sized right for him. I don’t even want to think about a project like this not fitting. Nope. No another word about that!

  6. OOOHH! Nice! Love the colours, too. I am knitting a Dale sweater as well. There are only 10 days left? OMG!!

  7. Love the sleeves…the model ain’t half bad, either! Happy knitting!

  8. He’s a very good sport – hope he doesn’t strangle himself on the yarn around his neck or poke an eye out with one of those needles!!

  9. Your man looks like a lot of fun! Love the way his sweater is coming out.

  10. Love your Olympic hero! Your sweater is coming along nicely. Good luck with the sewing for the steeks on all that black stockinette.

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