Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Miscellaneous Crazy Stuff


1.  Magdalena Neuner is a German biathalon athlete.  (In case you don’t know, biathalon is a combination of cross country skiing and shooting.)  She won a gold medal today.  Mary Carillo was doing an update tonight and mentioned that Magdalena is an accomplished knitter.  She was going on about her having a knitting blog. Mary’s comment was, “She’s equally skilled with a crochet hook and a gun.”

Crochet hook….knitting….huh???

2.  I played a piano duet with Frankie today.  We played “Dancing With Frankenstein”.  It is forever embossed in my head.

3.  I threw a turkey in the oven today and dumped some stuffing in the crockpot.  After the piano recital, My Hero, Dreamboy and Frankie went snowmobiling.  When they were finished, they stopped at A & W for dinner.  Excuse me???  They forgot.  Guess what they get for dinner tomorrow night?

4.  I’ve now knit 17 inches of black stockinette stitch.  I’m 3/4 inch away from setting up the armhole steeks.  (No photo.  Just picture a black blob.)  I have another 8 inches to go until I add the last of the colorwork.  I think I may just get this thing done in time.

5.  I have a crazy dog.  This is what she did while I was in the kitchen today.

A girl needs her beauty sleep, you know!


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6 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Crazy Stuff

  1. My pup, despite sleeping all day and evening (I assume) and then sleeping most of the day in my bed with me, then got out of bed to spend more time sleeping on the kitchen floor. Silly dogs.

  2. forget about the knitting – I absolutely COVET that red leather chair!!!!!!

  3. If you see anything you like on her knitting site, I can translate for you.

  4. I caught the knit/crochet thing by Mary Carillo when she said it — I would bet she’s received lots of emails by now from both knitters and crocheters.

  5. I want to be the dog. Who wouldn’t love stretching out on the fabbity red chair? Smart girl!

  6. My dog rolls around getting into that position so vigorously that she’s been known to fall off the couch.

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