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There’s No Crying In Knitting


There may be crying in knitting!  This is where I was an hour ago.

Edit:  I found the mistake.  It was me!!!  Please forgive me, Dale of Norway!  I guess I can’t read directions!

Let me just tell you that whoever writes Dale of Norway patterns can’t add.  I followed the directions and bound off 3 stitches in the center front for the steek for the placket.  I knit 6 inches and did most of the colorwork.  I was six rows from the end, and the shoulders weren’t adding up.

So after doing some math, I realized that there were 56 stitches on one side of the center of the placket and 80 on the other.

I’m pretty sure My Hero doesn’t want the zipper to the left of center.

So, a teachable moment!  Take a look at the first photo.  You’ll see a circular needle with a bunch of stitches on it.  I picked up the right leg of each stitch all the way around, making sure to stay on the same row.  Then I unwound my 6 inches (two days worth) of knitting and the stitches are all on the needle.

If you look closely at the center of this photo, you’ll see where I’m frogging this row, right down to the needle.  It’s a great trick.  I learned it frogging My Hero’s last Dale of Norway sweater.  That was the Salt Lake City 2000 sweater.  It’s not finished.

So, where does that leave me???  My goal was to have all the pieces knit, but not put together.  I’ll make that, but I’m really disappointed.  I was going to be steeking by this afternoon.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be sitting in a really nice restaurant knitting tonight.

I’ve been quoting Henry Higgins in “My Fair Lady”.  We’ll see how many people love that movie!!!


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3 thoughts on “There’s No Crying In Knitting

  1. When I knit with my 12-yr-old-neighbor (I try not to think that she must look at me like her grandmother, not her mother’s friend) we often say, “It’s only knitting.”

    Still, you seem to have recovered from a spectacular fall that would take a less skilled, less brave athlete right out of the game! Way to go.

  2. You’re such a trooper! I think I would scrapped the whole thing – on 2nd thought, probably not. I’ve learned also to just take a deep breath and trudge on. I’m sure your Hero will appreciate a centered zipper 🙂

  3. I LOVE that movie!
    It may just be that I love that show, and the movie is the only version I can have at home. I really enjoyed doing it way back when I was young and single and childless, and thus had the boundless energy that allowed for 9 hour work days plus three hours of rehearsal 6 days a week…

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