Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

What Is Wrong With Me?


Please feel free to not answer that question. There could be quite a list!

The reason I asked that question is that I found a new project I want to knit.  Even after a Norwegian sweater, I want to do more colorwork.

Would you take a look at this!!! Judi did the most gorgeous blanket during the Olympics and I want to make one.  I’m debating what colors to use.  I love the traditional colors, but I’m thinking about changing it up a bit.  I’ve got lots of Cascade 220, so it may be on my needles next week.

Before I can start another moron project, I need to quilt.  My Hero is letting a bunch of crafters from our church invade his office again!  We’re spending Friday and Saturday quilting, knitting, and scrapbooking.  Oh, and eating.

I cut lots of new projects today.  I’m also going to finish one project from before the Olympic knitting took over.  Doesn’t this look fun?

I’ll be back soon with some new quilt tops to show you.  I’m thinking there may be a contest too!  I need to say thanks to all the quilters that put up with 17 days of knitting!

Author: mariajhmom

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7 thoughts on “What Is Wrong With Me?

  1. I can’t wait to see the tops…

  2. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you! We’re all out here cheering you on. A weekend of quilting, knitting, and cropping sounds like total fun. Have a great time and take loads of pics!

  3. I love the afghan & went to the Patons site to check out the pattern………..I can’t see which booklet it is in, & couldn’t locate it, could you…….Can you let me know if you know,
    Many thanks, Dianne………have a great wknd….

  4. you are just my hero – I’m putting your site on speed dial!!! Seriously, you continue to amaze and delight with your creativity and vitality and TALENT!! Thank you!

  5. Ok — that blanket — now I am starting to question your ability to think straight.
    As a quilter, I question why anyone would KNIT a blanket.

    That one is a beauty — and I will happily read along as you create your own.
    But I might still question your sanity!

  6. I found the blanket on page 7 of Patons free patterns for the home. Looks rather endless to me.

  7. maria the sweater is fabulous. very impressed. what a lovely act of service and love!

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