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Just One Of Those Days


This day can be done now.  It’s not a horrible day.  It’s just a blah day.  It’s raining.  I have two kids home with stomach flu.  And I’m doing odd stuff.

I started this morning by pulling out an old Dale of Norway sweater that I started in 2002.  Do you want to know how I know I started it in 2002?  It’s the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic sweater!  (No, I’m not sick of Dale sweaters, strangely enough.) And yes, that is my unmade bed.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the colorwork is too tight and is making the sweater pucker.  I’m thinking a smocked sweater wouldn’t look too cool on My Hero.  So, I did the trusty “thread the needle through the row” thing.

It’s now ripped back to before the colorwork.  I don’t know if I’ll work on it til next fall, but I just wanted to see if the gauge was right and just where I was at.  I wasn’t sure how horrible it really was.  It will fit, and is still worth finishing.  I’ve learned a lot about knitting in eight years, so I didn’t know if I would still want to knit this.

After the great rip out, I finished cleaning my sewing room.  It was really bad  It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough for me.

And, yes, I had company.  Georgie likes to be wherever I am.  It looks pretty good huh?  Well, it’s not totally great.  Here’s my ceiling.

And here’s the floor under it.

Uh, Houston!  I think we have a problem.  The snow isn’t supposed to melt inside the house.

By about noon, Frankie was feeling much better.  Actually, he was bugging me to death.  He wanted his Sock Monkey quilt on the machine.  So, I decided I’d procrastinated long enough.  And here’s where we’re at.

I’m doing loops in the border, and a funky geometric pattern in the squares.  I wanted the “knit” sashing to pop.

I think both Frankie and I will be hapy with this one. He’s loving the flannel on the back!

And now it’s dinner time.  What’s for dinner?  I have no idea.  There are a few people in this house that cringe at even thinking about eating.  I may be off the hook!

Actually, this hasn’t been such a bad day.  I got a lot done.  And I have a clean sewing room to go play in.  I just have to avoid one spot so my head doesn’t get dripped on.  I guess I don’t want this day to be over.

Life is all a matter of perspective, isn’t it?


Author: mariajhmom

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5 thoughts on “Just One Of Those Days

  1. Oh I just love your sewing room…

  2. What a wonderful room!!! You have my undying envy…lol…:-)

  3. Your sewing space looks fabulous. And that long arm machine…I had no idea one of those was hanging out at your house. You lucky duck. How far is your house from Montana? Don’t you wish you could pick your neighbors? Not that I don’t like my neighbors, but none of them love crafty goodness or have five fabulous kids like the two of us do. That coffee-I-don’t-drink is sounding pretty good right now.


    PS–Had two kids and a husband with the stomach flu last weekend. All’s well for now.

  4. Maria,
    Would love to hear about how the long arm quilting machine process works. I have been paying someone else to do mine and I just cannot imagine how she does it – while charging me so little. It takes me half a day to baste it properly and I am thinking that it just takes her an hour or two to quilt my smaller quilts. Do enjoy the process?

  5. I am wild about your sewing room. OMG, it is so wonderful. Mine seems like a “Hoarder” episode after viewing your spacious clean counters!!!! And the wall paper is delicious. What about Georgie’s bed? Toooooo cute.

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