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Where did this week go?

The week started with the hole in my sewing room wall.  We then moved on to windows that need to be replaced and a fireplace that is falling apart.  So…it’s facelift time.  I did end up having fun though.  It’s going to look nice.

A couple of weeks ago I did a couple of secret projects at a quilt retreat.  I can show them to you now.

Here’s the background.  My brother, his wife, and their four kids are adding on.  No…not to their house.  They’re adopting a baby from Russia.  With their permission, maybe I can share more later.  Right now, I’ll show you the quilts.

I mixed a couple of lines of fabric together, and I can’t even tell you what they are right now.  The pattern is the same one I used for The Genius’ quilt last fall.   Don’t you just love my prop?

I’d just asked Georgie if she wanted a treat.  I love it when she cocks her head like that.

And then there’s my cheater quilt.  This one is just a panel with a border.  That’s normally not my style, but this was just too cute.

You see, my family is in road construction, so I just had to do this one!  It will be an excellent opportunity to practice my machine quilting skills.  I’m putting minkee on the back of both quilts.  I hope they get totally worn out.

I also have some new fabric to show you!  Get ready to drool!

This is Kate Spain’s new Christmas line.  It’s called 12 Days of Christmas.  It hasn’t talked to me yet, so I don’t know what it wants to be.  Any suggestions???

And tonight?  We’re going to a dinner theatre with friends.  We have 9 kids between us!  We’re taking the bus and making an event of it.  Gotta go get ready!

Maybe the next time I post, I’ll have something to show for my time.  I need to quit playing Solitaire on my computer!


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8 thoughts on “This & That

  1. Have a good time at the show tonight…If you go early enough maybe you can sneek a visit to the Sampler as it’s so close! I was just there yesterday, lots of tempting stuff!

    Love the baby quilts!

  2. Seeing your wonderful quilts makes me want to go buy fabrics and quilt! (Too much knitting on my list. Must not add to it. Darn.)

  3. The quilts are very cute. That’s a lucky baby who has got an Auntie who will make him/her pretty quilts!

  4. I hadn’t realized the Kate Spain fabric was out yet. It’s wonderful! Congrats to your brother and his family! The quilt is just gorgeous.

    Georgie is such a gracious model. I’ll bet it didn’t take her any time at all to get camera ready.

  5. Love the baby quilts…minkee on the back will be perfect! And I love the 12 Days fabric…looks like you’ll be able to make a few projects there!!!

  6. New fabric is beautiful.

    How do you decide what blocks you will use for your quilts?

  7. Love love love the baby quilts!! So cute!!

    And seriously, you are the quilting queen!

  8. a tiny bit of catching up here, and was rewarded with a wonderful doggie photo — yay!

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