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It’s Too Warm In Minnesota


So we decided to head for Big Sky, Montana.  We love snow so much, you know!  Here’s the view out my window.

Of course the web site showed a beautiful view of the slopes and people skiing.  I’m looking at the parking lot, but I’m choosing to ignore that little glitch.  Actually, I just saw a Budweiser truck come in.  How exciting!

Most of the kids were excited to go on this little outing.  As of this morning, everyone is on board for a good time.

If you look at Dreamboy, you can see his eyes are smiling!!!

I asked Frankie if he was going skiing or chasing girls.

He said he’s chasing girls.  He’s kinda like a dog chasing a car.  If he caught one, he wouldn’t know what to do with it!!!

Ms In Charge, Dreamboy, Frankie, and My Hero have hit the slopes for the day.  Superblonde and I are hanging out.  She has her Kindle.  There’s a huge bathtub in my room and I’m going to do my own pedicure.  I know.  TMI!

My goal for this trip is to finish the Big Purple Blob if it’s the last thing I do!  Here’s another lame photo!

See ya later.  The Blob is calling me!


Author: mariajhmom

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5 thoughts on “It’s Too Warm In Minnesota

  1. You are in my neck of the woods!! You are only about 175 miles away. Just a little closer and we could connect for that coffee-I-don’t-really-drink!

    Enjoy your time in Montana!


  2. have a wonderful time, I would envy you and all the traveling you do but I am just happy you all get to do so much together!!!

  3. The blob is gorgeous as is the view out the window! No skiing for you?

  4. Hey, you’re in my neighborhood! I actually live in Manhattan, almost a stone’s throw from Big Sky. Have a great time and knit your heart out.

  5. Snowboarder would be with you there if he could!! Have a great time!!

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