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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Just Wow!


Do you ever look at a quilt or knitting pattern and wonder how the designer came up with something so beautiful?  A pattern where you just marvel at the genius of it?

See what I mean?

I’d like to introduce you to Maplewing by Anne Hanson.  This pattern was started along the bottom edge.  I cast on 600 stitches.  The other amazing part of this project was the yarn.  Anne teamed up with Kim at The Woolen Rabbit and used Whisper Merino Lace.  I rarely use the suggested yarn for a project.  I’m a rebel and have to screw up forge my own path.  But this time, I took Anne’s advice, although I chose my own color.  I’m so very glad I did.  This yarn is amazingly soft.  This shawl is extremely lightweight too.  It’s perfect for spring.

I love blocking lace.  It takes a blob of string with holes and turns it into an amazing work of art.

I blocked this in the middle of my living room, so I got to walk past it countless times in the last 24 hours.  I especially like this view.

This is one of those “once in a lifetime” projects.  It took a lot of effort, but was well worth it!  It only took me a year and a day….literally!  I started it April 3, 2009 and finished it on April 4th of this year.

I guess I need to start showing this shawl some respect and quit calling it “The Purple Blob”.  I love you, Maplewing!


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19 thoughts on “Just Wow!

  1. It IS a work of art. Gorgeous!

  2. Hey Love your hair, sweater, and Miss Incharge!

  3. when i first read your start/finish date i thought you did it in 24 hours!!!

    it is spectacular! what a beautiful accomplishment!

  4. Lovely. That pattern would lose me at cast on 600 stitches. There is no way I’d ever get that count right! LOL

  5. What a gorgeous shawl!! Oh, and love your hair too. I did the same thing last year when my son’s college football team made the playoffs. Their colors were purple and white, and I had one purple extension put in my hair. I loved it.

  6. first of all, don’t you find it WEIRD that we are both blogging about lace AND blocking? This is not the first time Maria, now something very peculiar is happening here! LOL Same wavelength? Same zodiac sign? Maybe it’s that old adage … ‘brilliant minds think alike…’!!!
    ANYWAY. Maple Wing is devastatingly magnificent – you should be so very proud. Be glad I don’t live next door. You’d turn your head and the clothesline would be empty!
    BRAVO – Bravissimo – another piece de resistance. Simply amazing.

  7. Impossibly beautiful.

  8. Gorgeous! I love the color. You’ve inspired me to knit this pattern, which I’d almost forgotten about.

  9. Truly a work of art. Just gorgeous!

  10. The yarn even looks yummy in your beautiful photography! It is gorgeous and I know you’ll get plenty of enjoyment out of it. What’s up next?!

  11. what a gorgeous piece of work just beautiful

  12. Very beautiful. I will have to add this to my list.

  13. this turned out so well! Congrats on finishing it. It’s on my list, but so many things are on my list I seriously wonder when I’ll get around to it 🙂 haha

  14. Anne Hanson’s designs are just stunning, aren’t they?

    Well done, that’s spectacular!

  15. This is breathtaking!!!!!! Much loud applause while standing!

  16. Really, really gorgeous! 🙂

  17. I can’t even imagine doing that. It is so pretty. It should have gossamer in the name too.

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