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Sock Camp Day 1


Hello from semi-sunny Port Ludlow, Washington!  Yesterday was our first full day of sock camp.  My group got to dye yarn.  Let me just say I wasn’t terribly excited about dying yarn, but I love trying new things, so I was good to go.

Our assignment for class was to bring two skeins of yarn that we didn’t like and we’d get to “fix” them.  I’ll show you the before and afters of mine.

This skein of blue has bits of silver in it.

Kind of boring, huh?  Well, take a look at this!

Love it!!!!

This one is a really dull aqua.

And now look!

Amazing, isn’t it!!!!

Then we were given two blank skeins of Socks That Rock.  Here’s one with all the dye on it.

And today, now that it’s dry.

I had the most creative paint shirt.  I grabbed a garage bag before I left home.  It worked great.

I’m having an absolute blast.  I have much more to share, but I have to go do more Seussical camp things.  Oh, the theme is Camp Cattywampus  and it’s crazy!

More later!


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13 thoughts on “Sock Camp Day 1

  1. Thats really cool how you could dye already colored yarn and make it look fabulous!! Looks like you are having a great time!! Dreamboy is here today…they are holding down the couches for me and later they are having a bonfire with a few friends!! Enjoy your time away!

  2. vicarious living, oh my.

  3. I really love the transformations of your yarn. The one with silver in it really looks like the star it was meant to be now! Both are gorgeous but that one is my favorite. You really look like you’re having a great time!

  4. All of your yarn turned out beautiful. Did they help you a lot or are you just automatically good at that too? Did everyone’s yarn turn out so pretty? Do you think you will do more of that?

  5. I have to try this…the yarn is drop dead beautiful!!! Is there a tutorial or a “recipe” somewhere?

  6. Beautiful colorways you’ve created! I like your painting shirt, great idea 🙂

  7. OMG!! You are a natural with colors. Your dye job is gorgeous. When do I get to buy your hand-dyed yarn? Can’t wait to hear more about camp!

  8. LOVE how you improved the yarn!

  9. Yeah, what knitting1105 says– that second skein just glows!

  10. It’s me again!! OMG!! You are on Anne Hanson’s blog!! I saw you and I said, “That’s Maria – I know her!” – well, of course, I don’t really know you! Maybe we an plan to go to Sock Camp one year! I should experience it.

  11. Those before and after photos remind me of makeovers, so much like on tv, show a pic of a plain looking girl then style her hair and put make-up and a fancy dress on her and she’s gorgeous! They make we want to go out and buy cheap plain yarn so I can change it. lol
    You really did well on those. I’m not interested in dyeing either, but I’d take a class like that if I got a chance.

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