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Sock Camp Unleashed!


How can I begin to describe the craziness amazingness of Sock Camp???  I don’t know how to tell you about the 40 campers, the camp counselors, and the amazing teachers, so I’ll just give you an overview. (You might want to grab a Diet Coke.  This may be a long one!)

The camp is due to the hard work of Stephanie of The Yarn Harlot and Tina of Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  They are two wonderfully talented women!

I already blogged about my first class here.  I’m still totally jazzed about the dyeing class.

On Saturday morning, I took Sivia Hardings class on beading.  She designed some beautiful lace gauntlets, which I’ve barely begun.  I will make them though, because they’re awesome!  I don’t have any photos from the class, but here’s Sivia in all her glory.  She’s a delightful lady!

My class on Sunday was with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the Yarn Harlot.  The goal was to grab a skein of yarn and needles and knit a sock, custom for you, without a pattern.

She wasn’t mad at us!  She was just concentrating!  I knit a baby sock and kept up as she went over the steps of sock construction.  I learned two things in particular.  First,  I’m going to have to use size 0 needles to get a tight enough gauge to make my socks durable.  I’m so not happy about that!  Second, I learned the difference between pick up and pick up and knit.  Sounds basic, but it makes gussets so much easier.  Oh, I learned one more thing.  If it’s not perfect, it’s still a sock!

Isn’t it so cute?  I will make another one to match this one!

My last class was with Anne Hanson.  We had the opportunity to swatch with lots of Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarns.  We were supposed to be swatching for socks, but I’ll have to admit I was swatching for lace.  If you’re a regular blog reader, you’ll know that I love Anne Hanson’s lace projects and I was in that class to absorb her knowledge of lace.  She showed lots of swatches!  I learned that I need to audition more yarns before I dive into a project.  Different yarns make a really big difference.

Our afternoons and evenings were filled with all sorts of camp antics.  We played Knitters Jeopardy and Boggle.  There was a scavenger hunt.  I have no comment on that!  I also have no comment on our homework, although it was over-the-top fun!  The talent contest was hillarious.  One of the judges was Paula Abd*l!  Really!

She’s so gorgeous!  I want to be Susan when I grow up!

We made Seussical creatures with orphan socks.  Mary and I made Thing 1 and Thing 2.

And then there were our illustrious leaders, Debbi and Tina.  (Debbi called  me a suck-up because I wore Anne Hanson shawls all the time!)

Dancing With The Stars has nothin’ on these ladies!

It was a blast making new friends, but the icing on the cake was having my friend Cindy along.  We’re going to have to be BFFs forever, because we know way too much about each other.  When we get old, someone is going to plunk us on a dock on Green Lake with our knitting and tell us it’s the Caribbean and we’ll be totally happy!  You rock, Marge!!!  And Mary…what can I say?  I want to get to know her better….soon!

The cherry on the top of the icing on the cake was the view!  It was so inspiring and so majestic!

Psalm 90:1-2

1 Lord, you have been our dwelling place
throughout all generations.

2 Before the mountains were born
or you brought forth the earth and the world,
from everlasting to everlasting you are God.


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6 thoughts on “Sock Camp Unleashed!

  1. Oh my word. This looks like it was the most fun ever : ) What a great weekend! I love your camp! Camp for grownups looks SO MUCH FUN!

  2. I so want to be you—-I am envious but not in a feel sorry kind of way, I am so happy you got to experience such a wonderful time. Maybe someday we will get to meet at a lace or shawl camp!!!! Happy knitting on that special project!

  3. I am the luckiest (I mean blessed-est) girl in the world. Thanks for an awesome time and for well-kept secrets! 🙂

  4. it was so great getting to be with you at camp! your sense of humor and quick wit is out of this world! can’t wait till the next time…….oh, and you ARE a suck up, but a real nice one!

  5. It sounds like so much fun!

    I think I’ve just been picking up and not picking up and knitting. I need to figure that out!

  6. I am SOOOO jealous 🙂

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