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The Birds And The Bees


I need to figure out this reproduction thing.  No!  Not as it pertains to babies.  I got that one figured out!

I need to figure out how yarn reproduces, before it takes over my house!  Fortunately, my yarn has good genes and is reproducing some gorgeous babies!  Look at the Rare Gems that showed up.  I think this had something to do with Sock Camp!

Rare gems are Socks That Rock yarns that were dyed incorrectly.  They were supposed to be a specific colorway, but the color order or the shade was wrong.  They’re only available at events where Blue Moon Fiber Arts has a booth.  They’ve only sold them online once.  Evidently I liked the one on the right so much that I bought it twice.  I think that yarn may be a vest for Frankie.

I’m almost finished with the shawl for Ms In Charge, so I’ve been mulling over this bunch of yarn.

I’ve got BMFA Seduction, Handmaiden Sea Silk,  and Blue Sky Alpaca somethingorother (Can’t remember!  Too lazy to go look!).  There’s also some Habu and Alchemy on the top left, along with some Misti Alpaca that’s going to be a linen stitch scarf.  The vareigated skein is the one I dyed at camp.  Most of that yarn is for summer stuff.  It’s starting to talk to me, but I need to do some swatching first.

I’m also doing a KAL (knit along) with a friend to help her over her aversion to making shawls.  I’ve changed my mind 38 times on what yarn I’m using for that.  More on that later.

And, speaking of the birds and the bees…Dreamboy is 15 years old today!!!

We celebrated last night, because he has Worship team practice and youth group tonight.  I bought the car cake for two reasons.  One, he’s now able to get his permit.  Two, it was one of two boy cakes at the grocery store.  Heaven forbid I’d be organized enough to order a cake ahead of time.  He may have been a bit offended because his name wasn’t on it.  If I’d been thinking, I would have bought a tube of frosting and added it myself.

I’m so very glad that God chose My Hero and I to be his parents.  He’s an amazing young man and my favorite 15 year old in the whole world.

Speaking of Dreamboy, I have to go!  I’m going to kidnap him and take him out for lunch.


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6 thoughts on “The Birds And The Bees

  1. such lovely yarns to look at, let it reproduce all it wants, and happy birthday to your adorable son!!!! Good work Mom and Dad!

  2. Your Dreamboy makes me smile(your yarn not so much)! Better to have no name on the cake then someone elses! Your are truely blessed!

  3. Look at that birthday boy! That’s a great picture!

    Although… he is competing with all that amazing yarn… 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to see what the yarn will become. Knowing you, it will all be knit up by the end of May.

    Happy Birthday Dream Boy!

  5. Wow!What beautiful yarn!!! Congrats on raising such a wonderful Boy! I love what you said about “God choosing you and your Hero to be parents” You are truly blessed!
    Thanks for such a fun/inspirational Blog!
    Darlene in PEI

  6. Look at that yummy BMFA! Wish I had some. Oh yeah, I DO! Happy Birthday to the Boyo, and where’s the pix of your daughter’s shawl??? LOVE the koi pond ruffle, BTW – I bought that pattern too, just so I could be like you. I think I’m gonna use the cool “used to be orange but now its not” yarn that I overdyed for it. New shawl starts on 05-07: Will you be ready?

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