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I Love Doing Laundry


For those of you who’ve been bored enough to read Passing Down Crazy for a long time, you may remember the messy laundry room photo.  If you’d like to refresh your memory, or haven’t seen it take a look!  Go ahead!  I’ll wait.

Lovely, isn’t it?  I gripe about laundry quite often on this lovely blog.  As of today, I’m not griping about laundry ever again until next week.  Look what finally moved in!!!!

Aren’t they pretty?  The installation guys left 10 minutes ago, and there’s a load in the wash machine already.  I’ll probably be standing next to the kids, waiting for them to take their dirty clothes off so I can do more laundry.

Or not!

I am pretty happy though.  I put the tile, red sink, and wallpaper in when red wasn’t in style.  So when I saw the first red washers and dryers come out (at least 2 years ago) I knew I had to have them.  My wash machine decided it didn’t need to drain anymore, and that wasn’t a pleasant smell!

Since my beautiful washer and dryer are doing all the work, I’m sitting with my feet up contemplating my knitting.  I’ve been cleaning and sorting (I am NOT a hoarder!) and I’ve found a few old projects.  I’m working on two cardigans right now.  One of them I started in 2004.  I still like it!  The other one is my February Lady Sweater.  I started it in February of 2008.  Here’s the post if you’re bored. The first line in that post said that parenting was kicking my butt.  I wonder what that was all about???  Oh, well!  Everyone is alive and well.  It couldn’t have been too bad.

I also admitted in that post that I’m a hoarder.  Crud!

And while I don’t love doing laundry, I do love blocking.  Look!

This is the shawl I knit for Ms In Charge.  It’s a much brighter turquoise in real life!  I’ll post all the info on it when I do the model shots.

Gotta go!  I get to do more laundry!

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14 thoughts on “I Love Doing Laundry

  1. You will love those! I have a front loader and it rocks.

    So after reading your post I had to watch the hoarder show and then next day I gave away a box of old fabric that I would never use… and having been picking up like crazy! Of course it didn’t help my husband let our neighbor in to show her something the other day and it was messy!

  2. I am sooooo jealous!! I love your red washer & dryer! I would kill to have a set, but my appliances are in the basement and no one would see them.

    I don’t think you’re a hoarder; just a very active collector 🙂

  3. Ack! I’m dying for a red washer/dryer. That’s what I’ll get if I ever win the lottery.

  4. The red washer and dryer are SO you!! Enjoy!!

  5. Ms. In Charge’s wrap is beautiful – reminds me of a butterfly…

    The red appliances are terrific and would make anyone smile in the grey days of winter.

    Think what fun they will be to decorate for Christmas – there’s so much potential there – especially with the cupboard handles just asking for a stocking to hang.

  6. we do all of our wash in front loaders and love them, but we don’t own them the laundromat does, but it also does over 50 lbs in one wash so that is a good deal!!

    Love the shawl really came out nice!!

  7. I had to laugh because the post your linked to about your FLS said you were hoarding yarn! BTW, I like that you eliminated using garter stitch.

    I can honestly say that I will never love laundry, no matter how pretty the washer and dryer!

  8. LOVE the new red washer and dryer! I have front loaders on pedestals like that, but mine are a rather ugly taupe color. I still love them though. You will love your front loader washer – clothes get spun in the washer better, less water in them means drying much faster!!

    Also love Ms. In Charge’s new shawl – can’t wait to see the modeling pictures.

  9. Isn’t blocking lace just the best thing!

  10. Beautiful new family members! They’ll work hard for you. I just tucked my February lady downstairs hopefully just til after a baby show coming up in two weeks, then about two weeks of travel. THEN I’m REALLY going to finish it Yeah, I know you’ve heard that before!

    I did the garter stitch on the yoke but I’m thinking of making the sleeves just elbow length. I’d like something for our cool summers. Yes you are the boss of your knitting!

  11. Another beautiful shawl….you are just a knitting machine! Always…such beautiful work!


  12. Hi! New reader. Linked over here from someone else’s blog and now I’m hooked.

    I’m jealous of your new washer and dryer. I have 4 kids and my laundry room looks an awful lot like your “before” picture. Just when I think I have it under control one of the kids will say, “Oh, here mom. I forgot to bring my laundry down for the past 2 weeks (month, year).” and they hand me this huge basket of clothes. Voila! Five more loads. I have tried getting them to do their own laundry and they would rather run around in 5 day old sweatpants and embarrass me in public than do it so I always end up doing it. Plus, if I let them in the laundry room they tend to throw my hand knits in the dryer (probably for spite) so it works best to just KEEP THEM OUT. Someday I hope to get a cool washer and dryer like yours but I suspect that it will be when the kids are all grown and gone and I don’t even need them that I will be able to afford them. sigh.

    I was reading your post with the big pile of yarn the other day and my teenager walked by and said, “MOTHER! Stop looking at yarn p0rn!” haha

  13. I LOVE the machines AND the shawl. I’m still waiting for my old machines to stop working so I can have red ones, too. Red is my favorite color and it looks really good on a washer and dryer.

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