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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

I’m A Wanna Be


I really want to learn to do this!!!  However, now is not the time to add more stuff to my already stuffed house.  So, since I’m not taking up weaving (yet!) I took this pile of Koigu:

And started knitting this:

This is the Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf.  It’s a pattern from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas in Bainbridge, Washington.  I love the way I can take bits of leftover yarn that really don’t match and turn it into a gorgeous scarf!  This should satisfy my urge to learn how to weave…for a while.

I also worked on a quilt today.  This photo just cracks me up.  My sidekick found a new place to hang out.  I think she likes the vibration of the machine!

What else have I accomplished this week?  Hmmm….I’m almost finished with the first sleeve of my February Lady sweater.  I made about 100 monster cookies for Ms In Charge to take to Science Camp.  The laundry is done.  I had a couple of meetings and I got Dreamboy to an orthodontist appointment.  Nothing earth shattering.

I did photograph the Luna Moth shawl, since I didn’t get a very good photo of Ms In Charge wearing it!

That’s about it for this week.  I’ll have to see what I can come up with for excitement tonight and tomorrow.  Don’t hold your breath though.  If I come up with something amazing, I’ll get back to you.

That’s all for now!  What are you waiting for???  Go!  Find a more exciting blog to read!  Move along!


Author: mariajhmom

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10 thoughts on “I’m A Wanna Be

  1. I love the scarf. What a great idea to do with lots of leftover Koigu! I want to weave too, but that may wait for another lifetime. I think spinning first.

  2. Weaving and spinning have not started calling me. I do love the look of the scarf. Will it have a soft drape or is it kind of stiff? Luna Moth is gorgeous and I’m not surprised at all that you finished it so quickly.

    Your longarm setup intrigues me. I guess I always thought the pattern would be on the same side as the handles. Am I seeing that right?

  3. Weaving…ummm…I’m fighting the urge to take a weaving class this summer..a one day workshop and you leave with the small table size loom…should we both go?

  4. It’s cute how you think the linen stitch scarf will make you not want to weave. GET A LOOM! just sayin’ : )

  5. Get out of here!! I have many of those Koigu colors except mine are not leftovers!! I just acquired them cos they’re pretty!!

  6. LOL…at first glance, I thought your puppy was laying on an X-ray machine! Glad she’s okay.
    Beautiful shawl.

  7. A more exciting blog?? Are you kidding?? Where else am I going to see a gorgeous Luna Moth shawl, some perfect Koigu, and that seriously scary industrial quilting machine- with a little pup snuggled into it?? Where, I ask you??

  8. I’m saving weaving – something to look forward to…someday!
    Hahaha – a more exciting blog? Where would that be? In one post you have a gorgeous new scarf started which I just went to queue, a quilt going (on a longarm machine of which I am seriously envious), and a completed gorgeous shawl – you are the master of exciting fibery blog posts!

  9. Isn’t that guy’s weaving blog great? His stuff is so precise and beautiful. I gave in to the weaving and spinning. Do it. It’s so fun. You can invest in a great little rigid heddle loom just to get your feet wet. Doesn’t take up much space. Check out Weavecast for weaving wisdom.

    I love your linen stitch project. The Koigu ladies have a linen stitch man’s tie pattern that I have been working on for years. I don’t know why I don’t finish it, as it is lovely. Oh, yes, I suppose I’ve been weaving . . . 🙂 Too many toys; not enough time, but it’s soo fun!

  10. Great post Maria! I dream about the linen scarf from Churchmouse. I think it is absolutely gorgeous! Love your projects and your KAL with your friend. I will be following you both to see how your projects go. Enjoy the weekend.

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