Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

The Most Hilarious Apology Ever!!!


One of my darling children has been having issues with learning when it’s a good idea to stop arguing.  I won’t be mentioning any names to protect the little stinker innocent.

The other night, this child had to face a consequence for his/her actions.  That child didn’t get to go along to the Pops Concert at school.  (My Hero asked if he could have the same consequence!!!)  The big pull with this concert is free pop and popcorn.

Anyway….when I got home, I opened up my laptop and found a pile of pink sticky notes.  Here’s what I saw when I arranged them on the table.

That’s pretty cute, but what I found hilarious was that he/she made it into an acronym of sorts to describe me.





Ominous   (Ok, that one’s pretty scary!)


Ravishing  (ROFL!)



Obvious  (It must be the purple hair!)

Mine  (Awwwww!!!)

I just want to warn y’all!  That kid will someday be running the world!  But for now,  he/she has been warned that I’m still the boss!!!

I’ve been knitting like crazy.  You know….stay up until 3 AM crazy!  I’m so close to being done with my February Lady cardigan.  Ends are woven in and I’m finishing the second sleeve.

The Adamas knitalong has been pretty quiet.  I know Mary got started on hers, but I did hear mumbling about gin and limes.  I haven’t heard anything from the other people that are playing along either.  I’ll post updates when I hear!

Remember this project???  Yep!  It’s the Damask Kauni that started the craze.  I haven’t been following the pattern on ebay, but I heard someone say they saw the pattern sell for $160 pretty recently.  So….I decided to design a project, completely from scratch.  And yes, it will be for sale.  And the price will be very reasonable.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for it though.  I have no plans to put it out for a while yet.  I want to re-knit it in two colors.  Maybe brown and teal…..I’m not sure.  I’ll see what the stash coughs up!  Maybe Socks That Rock!  I also want to make sure there aren’t errors, cuz’ I’m doing this for fun.  And I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be fun if I got mobbed for producing a poorly written and tested pattern.

So…now you know what I’m up to.  Well, you really don’t, but if I showed you, I’d have to shoot you!

If I start knitting now, I’ll have about 10 hours of knitting in by 3 AM!!!  Bye!


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5 thoughts on “The Most Hilarious Apology Ever!!!

  1. was starting to worry when no word since Sunday but heck you were knitting, that excuses everything. Love the note and memories it will create!

  2. I just thought about your damask sweater the other day. At one point, I had started to chart it just by blowing up a photo. I will wait for the pattern and I’ll try not to tap my needles together tooooo loudly as I wait. I’m sure I can find something else around here to knit! I hope you DO have fun with the project.

  3. How cute is that apology, I love it, one to keep in the memory bank. An what a good leader in the making. Enjoy

  4. You are the one who started the Kauni craze!!!!! I never put 2 and 2 together. Your project was one of the first that I faved on Ravelry, and prompted me to immediately order up Kauni yarn. Which, by the way, has sit in my stash as I try to figure out what pattern to use.

  5. So… are you gonna get test knitters??

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