Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

The Sun Is Shining….Really!!!


Wow!  We haven’t seen the sun in weeks here in Marvelous Minnesota.  I don’t think the weather affects my moods much.  Who cares what the weather is like!  I’m knitting.  But today, the windows are open and the fresh breeze is blowing in and it’s gorgeous outside.  It makes me want to do a happy dance!

I think I’ll sit outside this afternoon and finish this:

I’m thinking a good hour or two and I’ll have a new sweater to wear this weekend.  I just have to remember where I “stored” the buttons!

To make my day even brighter, a long awaited package showed up at my door!

That get’s your heart racing, doesn’t it?  Well…several weeks ago I placed an order with Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  I won a contest with the sock club and actually had 20% off.  I couldn’t let that go to waste, could I???

This is Peru and the colorway is Nyame.  It’s alpaca, wool, and silk.  I wish you could touch it.  It’s destined to become a great big cushy lace blanket.  I’m not sure what yet, but eventually it will talk to me.

How about this color?  I love the way silk absorbs dye!  I think I had a plan for this, but I don’t remember what it was!

I have the Traveling Sweater on my to do list as well.  The yarn is WooBu and it’s a wool and bamboo blend.  The colorway is Spy Say Guacamole!  I tried this sweater on at sock camp and it’s unbelievably light.

And last but certainly not least, this is Twisted, in My Blue Heaven.  This is currently one of my favorite sweater yarns.  Sadly, it’s not for me.  It’s a late Mother’s Day present for My Momma!  Ok Mom, you have 1,650 yards to work with and the gauge is 4-5 stitches per inch.  Start looking at patterns.

Have I shown a Georgie photo recently?  Here’s what she was doing this morning while I was playing with new yarn.

She’d occasionally glance over at me while I was oohing and aahing.  I got the distinct feeling she thinks I’m crazy too.

Notice how gorgeous it is outside!  Have I mentioned how beautiful it is today?  Oh, and pretend you don’t see the lack of binding on this quilt.  And if you’re anyone from my brother’s family, I promise I’ll wash the quilt before I send it to your new little brother.

I’m going outside!  Right now!  Oh, after I get out of my pajamas.  That’s a glitch.


Author: mariajhmom

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5 thoughts on “The Sun Is Shining….Really!!!

  1. Enjoy!!

    Lovely yarn – all of it!

  2. Wow! My favorite colors – now what should I make.
    Thanks, daughter dear.

  3. I LOVE what you did with your February Lady – it’s splendid and you’ll be reaching for it A LOT!!! I am too consumed with envy to discuss your box of Blue Moon … I am considering a blog entitled, “WHY I WANT TO BE MARIA WHEN I GROW UP!!!”
    Cast on the Adamas because you inspired me …
    AS USUAL!!!

  4. No matter how far I get behind looking at your gorgeous projects, I can always be super cheered by a photo of Ms. Doggie!! 🙂 Hugs!

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