Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn



February Lady is finally finished.  I love the color.

I love the yarn.  It’s Classic Elite Newport.  But don’t go looking for it, because it’s long discontinued.  I’m still sad about that.  I’ve been knitting with Newport since 1986.  It’s the best cotton yarn ever.

I love the buttons, even though I just ran to JoAnn’s and grabbed the only ones that were the right size.  I love the stockinette stitch on the top.  It was supposed to be garter stitch.  I hate garter stitch!

The lace is great!  (And there are finally flowers blooming in my back yard!  I wanted to make sure you noticed that.)

The sweater is perfect.  Except for one thing.

It doesn’t fit.

I started it two years ago.  I weighed a lot less two years ago.   I may need to do something about that one of these days.

I sure wish knitting was an aerobic activity.

On to the next knitting project!  Why would I let a little thing like a sweater that doesn’t fit deter me?  Besides, I need to enjoy the quiet.  My kids’ last day of school is Thursday.  And they’ve been the Bickerson’s  lately.

I’m going to go sit on my patio and drink coffee.


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11 thoughts on “Perfect…Almost

  1. Oh, Maria! The sweater is beautiful in your garden! I really like the stockinette stitch also – I did mine in garter stitch, but either way looks fine. I can relate to something not fitting as one of my cardigans was given to my sister this past winter. So sad. I hope you eventually get to wear it, or find someone who will really appreciate it. Enjoy your last few days of peacefulness 🙂

  2. The sweater is absolutely gorgeous…and your garden is so beautiful as well!

  3. I really like the FLS with a stocking stitch top – that might just tip this pattern into the “must knit” category for me! So sorry it doesn’t fit – it’s really lovely.

  4. The sweater is just beautiful – so sorry it doesn’t fit.

  5. It probably just shrunk a size while it waited to be picked up and finished. Some of my UFOs have done that as well. I have heard of it happening for others as well.

    Unfortunately that does not explain why some have also managed to grow 3 size while waiting…

    Solution: friends and family members in different sizes!

  6. Oh, too bad it doesn’t fit! I have a partial sweater languishing in a box and have pretty much decided to turn it back into yarn and start over, hoping it will fit to a “T”. Besides, I’m not sure exactly where the thing was stopped.

  7. I love your new sweater and your modification is a good thing….I think I like your version better too.

  8. Love the sweater! I will be digging out one of my knitting projects to take along while Mom is getting chemo. Of course, my stuff is all simple stuff…I will probably never knit like you. It amazes me! Chemo time might be a good time to do some wash cloths. Something really simple.

  9. Maria, it’s lovely – truly lovely. You need to gift it and find something equivalent to that wonderful yarn. For YOU! BRAVO for finishing it!

  10. I wish that your sweater fit – it’s so lovely. The color is delicious and I like the yolk in sst instead of garter. You could even dye your hair a deeper shade of teal to match! I had the same experience with my Olympic Feb Lady – she was frogged because she was a dangerous size 10. And I am NOT. And yet – we carry on. On on!!

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