Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

I Have An Addiction


I got yarn in the mail yesterday.  Yes, it happens all the time.  Any time there’s a package, the kids assume it’s yarn.  They’re usually right.

I really wanted to play with this yarn the minute I opened it.  So, I got laundry started.  Then I looked at the dog.  She’d been sick and she really wanted me to sit with her.  (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)    So I printed my pattern, grabbed some needles (No!  I didn’t swatch) and started knitting.  By the time I went to bed early this morning, here’s what I had.

I knit from about 4 PM until 3 AM.  I kept the laundry going.  I made Chicken BBQ Pineapple Quesadillas.  I watched hours of Nascar!  And I knit after everyone went to bed and it was quiet!

The pattern is Citron and it’s a free Knitty pattern!!!  And the yarn…so heavenly.  I wish you could squeeze it!  It’s Twisted Fiber Art Kabam.  It’s merino, bamboo, and nylon and it’s so very soft.  I had this yarn custom dyed for this pattern.  If you look at the Evolution yarn on Meg’s site, it’s got very long color runs and she dyed this skein specifically for Citron.

Look what it’s going to do next!

It’s a strange color combination, but I think I’m going to like it.  I saw one shawl on Ravelry that had beads placed during the bind off.  I’m considering that!  We’ll see where it takes me.  I’m on the 4th repeat and there’s one more after this.  There’s also a ruffle.  That probably means I’m only half done.  It’s really brainless knitting though, so maybe today I’ll read a book while I’m at it.

Hi!  I’m Mrs. Crazy and I’m a Diet Coke knitting addict.


Author: mariajhmom

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15 thoughts on “I Have An Addiction

  1. So we have to do a retreat together sometime, you are the only one else I know up til 3am besides me!

  2. I too have used my dog’s big brown eyes as an excellent excuse for staying home to knit! They’re such good company. Hope yours is feeling better. That gorgeous yarn is going to become a beautiful little shawl.

  3. But the meal is way too much work. I just want to eat it and not cook it!

  4. Hi Mrs Crazy, I kept the light on for ya…here take a seat. LOL

  5. Your CITRON is absolutely mouth-watering. LOVE. THAT. YARN!!!! I have been holding out and admiring everyone’s citron scarves and trying to decide about fiber – as usual, you provide the inspiration!!!!
    I’m doing a blog in the next week about the HANSON’s that I know and admire in the fiber world. May I borrow one of your photos?

  6. I try to stay up late and knit but I can’t get past 1 AM then I am beat, I get up at 5 hang out on the computer for an hour or so and then go back to bed until 8 I gotta keep trying, your yarn is lovely and your shawl will be too!

  7. Love your Citron–I, too, just ordered yarn (Dream in Color Starry, for a little glitz) to make it–with a full closet of yarn already. I, too, have the addiction!

  8. Your citron is gorgeous -the blue will be way cool (am betting you’ve already gotten there and it is already way cool)

  9. Of course you should sit with your dog. I really think that was kind of you.

    Maybe I should get a dog so that I will have the same excuse (oh, sorry, it should read explanation). Sitting with my dust balls doesn’t quite have the same ring to it…

  10. Maria, your Citron is gorgeous! Have been resisting casting on for it, but may have to now that I’ve seen yours!
    You will love Silk Garden, it is one of my favorite yarns (addictions!) So fun to see the color changes. It makes gorgeous Entrelac. Hope you have a great summer. My kids are still in school since we have snow days to make up. Your phlox are so pretty! Mine are already finished for the year.

  11. OMG! OMG! OMG! I want to be adopted…I’m 54 and a quilter, sewer of clothing and do a little knitting…all kinds of crafts and dollmaking!!! I DO NOT KNIT like you do…and am betting few people do!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work…lol…it’s funny, I was loving the sweaters (multicolor) and thinking maybe this lady would be willing to barter…a quilt for a sweater. That is until I got to the page where you have the quilting machine loaded up with a gorgeous quilt!!!! I had an inkling where you caution the family about that Un-binded, quilt!!! What CAN BE DONE! Oh I know…I’ll buy a sweater, are you selling? Seriously, you are some kind of MASTER of the art!!!!! OMG! OMG! OMG!

    big huge hugz

  12. I was looking for the follower button or the join this site button, guess this will have to do!!! You are on my favorite row!!!

  13. I love the color sequence! It’s perfect for that shawl.

    My kids think it’s perfectly normal to get yarn in the mail too. They also think it’s normal to have knitting with you at all times.

  14. Beautiful colorway! I too love knitting in peace when everyone is asleep. Love yarny/fibery mail and miss it when I don’t get any 😉

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