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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Two More Off The List!


The Looking Glass sweater is finished.  I sat outside this morning and sewed on the buttons!

The yarn was  so fun to knit.  It’s Numma Numma Texas Toasty in Blue Corn Masa.  It looks like this particular yarn is discontinued.

I changed some things.  Of course.  I just picked up stitches for the front band and did a knit two purl two rib.  The pattern had you knitting a cable band and sewing it on.  Um, nope!!!

I did a bunch of decreases for the sleeves.  They were supposed to be knit straight.  They would have been huge!!!  I also did picot hems on the bottom and the sleeves.  It makes for a great finished look.

Do I love it?  Not really.  Superwash grows when you block it.  I think the next time I wash it, I’ll throw it in the dryer for a little bit.  It will work great as a knock around, wear at home sweater, so My Hero doesn’t have to look at me in a sweatshirt every day!  Minnesota winters are long, you know!

If I don’t wear it, I found someone who will!

She’d sleep under that thing all day long!

And…I also finished Citron.  It just needs blocking.  That’s on my list for later today!

Now it’s off to the allergist with one kid.  He’s kind of a mess right now!  Then it’s back home to start packing.  We’re going to visit The Genius for a while!!!  Stay tuned for beach pictures!!!


Author: mariajhmom

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7 thoughts on “Two More Off The List!

  1. Just popped in to say ‘Hi’, and tell you how pretty that sweater is.
    Now I must go back to my Mini-Adamas. Why mini? Because I only had one skein of the yarn I’m using, and it is so totally NOT ENOUGH.
    But…I think I’m getting the hang of the lace thing.
    Will tell you more as I finish 2 more repeats. I think I’m only going to make it to 7 out of the 14!

  2. Your Looking Glass is really pretty – a perfect “jeans” partner. I liked mine a lot after I got rid of that cabled band!
    LOVE the citron – geez, you finished that sooooo quickly! Can’t wait to see it modelled with the full color range laid out.
    Have a fun vacation!

  3. You’re such a finisher! Wonderful projects. Georgie is a great model.

  4. Love, love, love that sweater. Can’t wait to see it on a body…any body. as for the citron, at Stitches South, it was the shawlette of the day. Everybody was sporting one. I have some Malbrigo lace set aside and want to give it a whirl.

  5. I’ll wear it! It’ll go great with jeans. Oh how I wish I could knit like you and so fast too. But for right now I’m more into mindless knitting of scarves and dishclothes. Someday I’ll knit a sweater that I can actually wear.

  6. Nice work, Maniac! Knit much? I love that cute sweater, and your sleeves are WAY better than the originals. I miss your guts! Have fun @ the beach! MSH

  7. Love your sweater, especially the button band and sleeve mods. Look forward to seeing Citron blocked too.

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