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We’re Not In Minnesota!


Top 10 ways we know we’re not in Minnesota:

10.  I can’t gaze at my yarn stash.

9.  There’s not a pile of paperwork on the counter staring at me.

8.  Our entire family is in one place for the first time since March.

7.  I just swept sand up off the floor.

6.  The dog isn’t around to snuggle!

5.  We’re going to Paula Deen’s restaurant this week!

4.  When I take a photo of yarn, there’s ocean in the background!

3.  I haven’t put on shoes yet today.

2.  I doused everyone around in sunscreen this afternoon.

And the number 1 reason I know we’re not in Minnesota:

94% Humidity!!!

Since Saturday afternoon, I’ve been sitting around on the deck knitting!  I’m working on the Counterpane Blouse.  I’m using some Claudia’s Handpaint Linen that I purchased at Loops last year.  I paid way too much for it, and it’s been staring at me from a basket.  I wound it a long time ago, and then never started anything!  It’s not very fun to knit with.  Claudia uses Euroflax linen as her base, and it’s like knitting with string.  Here’s the bodice:

I finished the top and now it’s blocking.  I wanted to make sure the lace was going to lay flat before I got all crazy and finished it and found out the lace looked horrible!  It looks to me like it’s going to be just fine.

Now it’s the end of the day, and the bodice is wet.  I need to find something else to knit.  I think I’ll work on the Adamas shawl for a while.  I’m woefully behind on mine.  Mary is already finished!!!  She really needed me to get her to knit lace, didn’t she? Ha!

Well, the deck and my knitting are calling me.  I can get a few more rows in before it gets dark!


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9 thoughts on “We’re Not In Minnesota!

  1. Sounds like a perfect vacation — I’ve been eyeing that counterpane top myself… Seems like its’ easier than it looks and will be pretty flattering, huh?

  2. Gorgeous colors and design!
    I’m currently knitting with the Euroflax Linen and the project can’t be finished soon enough so I can STOP knitting with it. I say it’s like knitting with heavy waxed dental floss!

  3. Ahhhh…you’re pretty close to me if you’re going to Paula Deens restaurant. 94% humidity is nothing! It’s actually been a pretty nice week here. Enjoy!

  4. Very nice sweater. I like the colors and the interesting construction. What I like even more is your FAMILY! What great looking bunch of kids. They are not just cute but they look like they are wonderful kids that I’d want my kids to know. You make cool stuff, lady. 😉

  5. Other than the 94% humidity, your vacation sounds quite wonderful. Actually, it sounds rather like the one I got back from about a week ago – can I go back?!

    I admire anyone dedicated enough to knit that much with linen. I’ve started one stole in linen, and I think I have 8 rows finished. Maybe someday…

  6. If you are going to Paula’s restaurant, you are a hop. skip and a jump away from me. I’m across the water and on the island. Hope you are having a grand time. 94% humidity is nothing…stay awhile and experience summer in the lowcountry! Enjoy your southern adventure!

  7. Beautiful family! Hehe I know where you are 😉 Enjoy your vacation and um..yeah the humidity (hate it!) you’ll be glad to be home again after that I’m sure 🙂

  8. When we were visiting the in-laws in Rosemount, I got some Claudia Handpaint Linen at the Yarn Garage just to try. I love it and the shawl is wonderful to wear. But my fingers are toughened from playing upright bass and the desert air here makes my skin sometimes snag the wool I usually use. Love your work.

  9. Hi, its one of your kids old music teachers. (stop by my profile =)Came across your blog and thought I would say hello. Your family has grown-up so much since I saw them last. I love all of your photos. They’re great!

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