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Tacky Tourists


Wow!  We’ve been busy!

There was a trip to The Breakfast Club.  It’s supposed to be world famous.  On Sundays, people line up for two hours to get in.  It was good, but not that good!  I did take a photo of this sign.  I thought it was hilarious!

We did the Old Time Trolley Tour.  It’s a great way to get an overview of a beautiful, historic city.  Here are some of the images I captured.

And then there was the Dolphin tour.  There are about 50 dolphins that live in a bay in the area.  We can see them from our balcony, but wanted a closer look.  I got lots of photos of fins!!!

If you’re on the coast, there has to be a lighthouse, right?

My sister went home yesterday, and My Hero got back last night.  They’re off touring an airplane museum and eating more junk.  I’m sitting on the deck being laaaaaaaazy!!!  I didn’t knit one stitch yesterday, and that’s almost criminal in my mind.  So today, I’m back at Adamas.

I finished the Counterpane Blouse, but it needs to be blocked.  It will dry much more quickly at home where the humidity isn’t 85%.  So the photoshoot will have to wait until next week.  I did take this photo the other day while the sun was setting.

And the actual sunset.

So, for today, I’ll leave you with this.  I need to get back out there!!!!  And yes, my toenails are blue.  I’m trying to be funky and failing miserably!!!


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7 thoughts on “Tacky Tourists

  1. Those are beautiful pics. So jealous!

  2. Those are some gorgeous sunset photos! My fav is the setting sun and matching knitting.

  3. Wow. I should have been tracking your trip before now! Gorgeous! I know I would love Savannah. And for sure I love the blue toenails. You will always be cool in my book regardless of what color your toenails are.

    Love ya, girlfriend, and miss you!


  4. What lovely pictures! I confess, I’m a bit jealous of your dolphin tour.

  5. That sign is fabulous! I need one of those for my workplace! 🙂

  6. The balconies…WOW! And lighthouse! And knitting, lit but a stunning sunset. I’m jealous!

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