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I’m Having Whine With My Cheese!


We got home Monday evening about 7:00.  It’s the first time we’re all here (minus The Genius) since May 28th.  The weather was and is fabulous.  My bed was amazing! The carpet had been cleaned while we were gone.

So what am I whining about?  Here’s my day.  (My original plan was to sit outside and enjoy my back yard.)

I slept in.  That was amazing!

A dull headache was skulking around in the depths of my head.

I had to run to rescue my purse where one of the kids left it last night.  No problem!

I picked up the dog.  It does my ego wonders to have a little creature so thrilled to see me!

Ran the car through the car wash.

Came home and avoided making lunch.  Everyone was on their own to find something.  That was a trick, but they did it.

Realized the pool ate through all the chlorine that was added last night.  Added enough chlorine to turn it into Chernobyl.

My head hurts!

A couple of additional teenage boys showed up in my basement.  That’s ok!

Found broken glass on my bathroom floor.  Tracked down the culprit.

Answered the phone umpteen times.

My head is now pounding.

My bestest friend showed up and we sat around and drank iced coffee and yacked for 2 hours.  Awesome!

Frankie hits two baseballs into the yard of a neighbor that just moved in last week.  Our first impression!  Not good!

More boys showed up in my basement.

Ms In Charge ended up with a friend here.

Scrapped the menu of pork tenderloin and sweet corn and ordered pizza.

Six extra kids here.  They go swimming.  (Yes, I checked chlorine and it wasn’t too high!)

Not one of the six extra kids have towels along.

Kids play x-box on the new entertainment system in the basement.  I really regret purchasing the surround sound!

My head is now pounding to the rhythm of the sub-woofer!

One kid argues with the skill of a pit-bull attorney to have a sleepover.  I won.

Kids go swimming again.  I realize it’s 10 PM and my neighbors all hate us.  The new neighbors want their money back.

Kids go back downstairs to watch a movie.  More surround sound.

Kids go home.

My hero volunteers to go to the grocery store.

My house is full of mosquitoes.

I do a blog post full of whine and there are no pictures.  I always have at least one photo.

So picture this:

A middle aged woman goes into her bedroom, shuts the door, and sets the air conditioner at 68 degrees.  She ditches the bra (don’t picture that part!) and puts on her favorite old pajamas.  She turns on the ceiling fan and climbs into bed with the dog.  She shuts off the light, and when her still thumping head hits the pillow, you hear silence…and the air conditioner.

When does school start again?


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8 thoughts on “I’m Having Whine With My Cheese!

  1. I really hope your new neighbors don’t want their money back (good one, hahaha), cuz I think you’d be a fabulous neighbor!! I think today would be a good day to go introduce yourself though.

    I also hope none of those mosquitos made it into your quiet sanctuary…. pesky buggers.

    Have a Better Day!

  2. uh oh. You needed aspirin with the iced coffee. Or booze. And again a few hours later!

  3. I’m so there with you.

  4. I feel for you. I’ve had a migraine for four days now. Pounding heads aren’t fun. I am learning the joys of older children who can cook while I lay in my bed with an ice pack.

  5. welcome back you poor old thing!!!! I, for one, missed you and your legitimate whine!

  6. Hahahaha! How do we hang on all summer long? Just knowing that at the end, there is school…God bless you! Hope get the best sleep ever!!!


  7. Oh, I don’t know…at least there are no diapers to change, and they can mostly feed themselves? At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

  8. You always make me smile and give me a little chuckle! Hope some peace has been restored to your household. We just got home from vacation and I don’t want to unpack or cook dinner! Just want to knit. We don’t start school until September 7!

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