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A Simple Knitting Tip


Would you like to know a secret for getting lots of knitting done?  Don’t do laundry or clean the house.  Ignore the kids and their bickering.  And try to cook as little as possible.  It does help to have a three day weekend.

I knit all day Monday.  (It did help that I had great leftovers from the 4th!)  I finally finished Adamas.

I started this project to “help” Mary knit her first shawl.  Ha!  She finished hers on May 28th.  She left me in the dust.

I used two skeins of Handmaiden Sea Silk in the periwinkle colorway.  It was purchased at  Knitty Noddy.  I’d like to order it in every color!  I love this yarn.  If you look closely, you can see the beads.  The beads show up a lot more in real life.

I did one extra repeat of chart B and added one row to the edging to make the points a bit deeper. My second skein of Sea Silk was darker than the first.  I got lucky, because it just looks like the color gradually got darker throughout.  I like it!

I have to have one shot with my flowers, because it’s summer here for such a short time.

This is an excellent beginner pattern.  It’s also a great pattern to bead.  When you choose beads, take a few out of the package and place them on the yarn.  I’ve also learned to choose beads that are a contrast color.  If they match too well, you won’t see them.  The beads I used are actually an obnoxious pink.  I don’t know why I even tried them, but they worked great…and they don’t look pink.

On row 8 of the chart there are double decreases.  I added the beads on the back side, wherever there was a double decrease.  I used a crochet hook, and slipped the bead on the stitch before I purled it.  Easy!

I think I’ll get a lot of use out of this shawl.  It will work great in the summer with white.  In the winter, it will really dress up anything that is basic black.

Now I need to go do all the cleaning and laundry that I didn’t do on Monday (and most of Tuesday, if I’m being honest)!  The kids may need some attention too.


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14 thoughts on “A Simple Knitting Tip

  1. Another beautiful shawl! I’ve been looking for a pattern (easy, but looks complicated once knitted) for my Wollmeise Magnolie lace. I might have to try yours.

  2. just stunning Maria, yes just stunning!!

  3. Beautiful! Love your pictures.

  4. Stunning work of art!!!
    hugz, Pam

  5. Lovely shawl – and the beads look great, even cannot tell that they are pink – incredible!

  6. WOW, Maria ~ your shawl is stunning! I really like the subtlety of the beads. Seems like a lot of extra work, but well worth it. Not sure if I could ignore all else around me like you do – I start feeling too guilty. Can’t wait to see what you start next!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful shawl. Your friend may have left you in the dust but I could have worked steadily on this and still not be halfway along. I am in awe of you extraordinarily fast knitters!

  8. So very beautiful! Fabulous colour!

  9. Will that shawl ever look terrific on chartreuse or white, too! Kids are probably just as happy to have you available but ignoring momentary disagreements!

  10. It’s a wonderful shawl and the beads look fantastic on it. I love your tip on how to get loads of knitting done.

  11. The shawl is just beautiful!

  12. Mmmmhmmm. And then there’s Marissa, who is on her 8th and likely last repeat as she is terrified that she will run out of yarn. I’ve been threatening to just do the 3rd chart and be done with it, but I’m very tempted to do one more repeat. And so I do nothing. yours looks awesome!

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