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The View From Here


I’ve decided I may spend the rest of the summer sitting on my bed.  Why?  So glad you asked.

The main reason:

I love my ceiling fan!  I’m always hot and this little accessory makes life so much more pleasant.  And it’s quiet!  There’s also not a tv in this room.  That’s a huge plus in my book.

Another reason is the view outside:

And then there’s the view inside:

I could start about 10 projects right now!  And don’t ask me where I got my shelf, because I ordered it out of a catalog several years ago, and I have no idea which catalog it was! Excuse the blurry photo!

I should have taken a photo that included the whole chair because it’s totally cleaned off right now!  Yesterday was bedroom cleaning day.  Dreamboy didn’t have to clean his room because it’s always clean.  I’m not sure where he came from!  Frankie did a great job, with Ms In Charge coming in behind him.  Superblonde….can you say “epic fail”?  I got my yarn messes cleaned up, but my closet is still a mess.

Here’s the not-so-pretty view.

I have a couple of knitting projects close by and a magazine or two.  The bear was made from an old chenille bedspread that was in my Grandma’s house.  One of the kids decided it should visit me.  There’s a Diet Coke on the nightstand too.  I’m set.  (I won’t show you a photo of the other side of the room.  We’re not talking about that disaster.)

We’ve had the stomach flu going through our house.  While my stomach hasn’t rebelled, my head has.  Every time I turn my head, it feels like my brain is shifting.  So, for today, I’m sitting on my bed stitching binding.

I told Frankie that I’d finish the binding on his monkey quilt if he’d clean his room.  So….I’m stitching. Hopefully we’ll do a photo shoot soon!

Good thing we got lots of cleaning done yesterday.  And tomorrow, I hit the laundry room.

Could someone turn the fan up, please?


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6 thoughts on “The View From Here

  1. Hope the bug leaves your house soon!!!!

  2. So sorry about the flu bug circulating. Hopefully your wonderful views (the pool and all that lovely fiber) are helping 🙂

  3. I hope everyone in your family is feeling better soon. The backing for your quilt is adorable. When I don’t feel well, I can’t do any sewing, knitting, or stitching. You’re always so productive!

  4. I think being in the pool would help with the hotness too.

    The shelf is very cool!

  5. What a great bedroom view (both outside and inside)! I think I could live in a room like that for a long time, too! Have a great day!

  6. greetings …. catching up (as always). You guys have had the tummy flu; hubby and I have had summer colds that will never end … same brain numbing feeling, I suspect! Anyway … great shawl! I like yours in that yarns and nicely blocked out — makes it look MUCH better than (sorry) some other examples that make the pattern look tight and boring. I guess it is like having the right underwear on, no? Sorry, I can’t help myself — I think the cold meds have gotten to me.

    Loved the “clean” stash bookcase. Now to troll and see if there are any photos of the fav member of your family, Ms. Doggie :)) Hugs.

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