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I Thought I Liked Quiet


My sister and her hubby and their four noisy girls just headed back to Texas.  It’s very quiet here.  I love it, but by tomorrow I’ll be ready for them to come back.  It’s really fun having six goofy girl cousins hanging out.  The two lone boys have lots of fun pesting all the girls too.

My sister started another quilt, but I didn’t take any pictures.  She’s making crazy quilt blocks with some old Moda flannels.  She’s going to make the blocks into another rag quilt.  So, while she was doing that, I finished this.

The pattern is Jelly Parfait by Joanna of Fig Tree Quilts.  It’s not at all like the soft colors she uses, but I really like it.  (And yes, I did get the top edge of the quilt wet when I took the photos.  Oh, well!)

The fabric is Summer Fun by Deb Strain for Moda.  I love this red and blue flag print.  Actually…I love the whole line of fabric.  I added the little white with red circle print to round out the line.

Maybe I’ll have it quilted by next summer, but don’t hold your breath!  I thought it would be a fun tablecloth, but we’ll see!

I’m going to go fold a load of towels, and then it may be nap time!  My Hero left this house at 4 AM, and I didn’t sleep very well until he left.  Actually, he’s the one that deserves a nap.  He’s put in some long hours the last few weeks.  Poor guy!  Maybe I’ll take a nap for him.  I’m so considerate that way!


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4 thoughts on “I Thought I Liked Quiet

  1. I like the colors in this quilt, Maria. It makes it look old fashioned. They all work well together.

    We’re getting rained on very heavily here in Cent. WI right now – makes me want to take a nap also. But I’m at work. So, can you take a nap for me also?

  2. Oh…I so love this! I love Joanna’s versions and I love this version…so fun and summery! Isn’t it a great pattern?!

  3. I really like your version of this quilt. It would look wonderful on a table in the summer.

  4. Great quilt – love that red and blue combo! I just don’t know why you don’t take it down to your quilting machine right now and finish it off!!! I mean, naps can wait, right? Stop throwing things at me! LOL Your clan seems happy and joyful and I’m missing my own.

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