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New Knitting and Contest Winners


Wow!  That was a wildly creative title, huh?

You want to know who won?  Frankie and Ms In Charge were my random number generators.  I had them each write a number on a piece of paper.  Here’s what I got.

Comment #23 is rebkatz.  She’s the winner of the yarn that we don’t know the color of!!!

Comment #98 is Jackie and she’s the winner of the fabric and pattern.

I had the kids write the numbers and then I checked the comments, hoping that one wanted the yarn and one the fabric.  It worked on the first try!!!

Thanks for all the comments.  I think everyone is wishing for cooler weather.  I agree!!!  I’m at that questionable age where I’m hot all the time!!!  The heat index was 98 degrees here on Friday.  That’s pretty unusual for Minnesota.  It’s 70 degrees here right now.  It’s supposed to go down to 50 degrees tonight….meaning we get to sleep with the windows open!  As soon as I show you my newest knitting project, I’m going to grab a cup of hot coffee (instead of iced) and I’m going to sit outside and knit!

I started a new knitting project this week.  Bonnie Marie Burns introduced two new patterns recently and the pdf files became available this week.  I am in love with Keelin.  I’m almost finished with the back.

I’m using Linie 12 Clip cotton yarn.  I purchased it at The Knitting Nook in June when I was in Texas visiting my family.  I wish you could see the sheen.  Hopefully the next time I photograph this project I can get some better photos.  I changed the cables a little bit.  The knits are knit through the back of the loop so they stand out so well.  I loved that line of 4 knits so much, so I’m twisting the cables less often.  Other than that, I’m following the pattern.

I need to get outside and knit for a little while before it gets dark.  I may even finish the back tonight!

I’ll be back soon with a Cloud Chaser photoshoot…I hope!


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5 thoughts on “New Knitting and Contest Winners

  1. Sending congratulations to the winners, Enjoy your prizes, I am sure you will make something lovely just like Maria Is!!!

  2. Thanks again! I can’t wait to find out what color the yarn is!

  3. Thank you!!! I’m excited!

    Hey…are you going to show the yarn color?

    I sure wish it was cooling down here. We’re expected to set a record for the number of days over 90 degrees. We’re several months from open windows. Ugh!

  4. You are one fast knitter!! Love your newest sweater….saw it over on ravelry just a minute ago….

  5. Congrats to the winners! Whew, I agree with Tece, you sure are a fast knitter!

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