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The Ultimate Compliment


Still here.  Still boring.

I do have something to show you though.  Something that makes my day!

I made a rag quilt 9+ years ago for one of my nieces.  My brother sent me a picture of her with it the other day.

It’s so worn out, it has holes in it.  But look where the holes are.  She’s wearing it as a jacket!

It’s pretty rare that I make a gift for someone that is so loved.

I finished another quilt for my newest nephew.  All I have left is the binding, so you’ll see it soon.

I hope his is this worn out in 9 years.


Author: mariajhmom

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7 thoughts on “The Ultimate Compliment

  1. WOW! I agree…the ULTIMATE Compliment 🙂

  2. Yes, it’s a fantastic complement! It’s the best when you spend your time making something special for someone who loves it and uses it.

  3. No higher compliment for a quilter, indeed.

    I expect every quilt I make to be used and loved — congratulations on creating a gift that is such a treasure!!

  4. How cool is that~! Imagine all the places that quilt has traveled and all the comfort it has given. Very special, indeed.

  5. I made quilts for both daughters, born 3 years apart, using the same fabric, but with the placement switched. The Elder one’s is worn from use, it was her “pilt” and she had it every night. The younger was not so into hers, so it is much better condition. You just never know what will take their fancy, but it’s great when it is so loved they wear it out.

  6. Thank you! so much for all your hard work.
    Halle, who is now of course too old for a blankie, still just likes to have it by her;)

  7. what a lovely picture, your niece is a beauty!

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