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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Starts and Finishes


Yesterday was the start of a new school year for four kids!  We now have kids in 11th, 9th, 6th, and 4th grades.  I feel like the summer just flew.

Yesterday was also the start of a break for The Genius.  She went to school all summer, and now has a break for a couple of weeks.  I picked her up at the airport and we did some shopping…not my favorite thing to do!

I also have a finished project to show you.  I finally photographed my Cloud Chaser vest.

I finished the vest on August 7th, blocked it right away, and I’m just now getting around to showing you finished photos.

I loved the cable detail on this vest, although I was totally sick of it by the time I got to the collar.

The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock in Heavyweight.  The color is Nyame.  The vest is a little heavy, but that’s my own fault.  Amy recommended a lightweight alpaca yarn, and I didn’t listen.

I think I’m actually going to wear this!


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8 thoughts on “Starts and Finishes

  1. It’s beautiful! I thought it was Blue Moonstone at first. Nyame is a lovely color!

  2. Maria, I am totally in love with your vest!!!! You did such an excellent job – as always. We can always count on your little silences to bear amazing yarny completions!!!! I have some great alpaca in a DK weight – do you think that this would be a good pattern for me?

  3. Really cute!! I think I need one, too.

  4. If you don’t wear it, then there are several of us who would love to show off your beautiful work!
    Great job!
    Am sure The Genius needs a break and some family time!

  5. I bought this pattern after seeing your work-in-progress and have yet to start! LOL Now that I’ve seen it finished I will have to get started!

    Beautiful vest and it will look lovely on you!

  6. Beautiful! Love the cabling especially.

  7. Hi Maria,

    I missed your blog-site. You do such beautiful work and I look forward to seeing your next project and your “sagas” at your house.

    Sure wish I had a “throne” to read on or nap on!!!

    Enjoy the Labor Day weekend.

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