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Wow!  I haven’t done a blog post in almost a week.  I suppose you’d like to know why.

Family Reunion!

Great Big Family Reunion!

My dad is one of 6 men that are the 2nd generation of a construction company.  The 3rd generation threw a big party on Saturday to honor the six guys.  The 6 guys had a great time, but so did the rest of us.  When I was a little girl, our family would spend summers living wherever my dad was working.  I had the opportunity to see employees and their families that I hadn’t seen since then. There were so many people that we had fun catching up with.

Even better than that, I got to see almost all of my cousins and their families.  I “borrowed” a photo from one of the girls.  I think they had fun too!!!

Superblonde is on the far right.  The three middle girls are my nieces, and the one on the left is one of my cousins girls.  They stole the table decorations and wore them all over, greeting guests and they went.

On Sunday, we had an amazing family worship service.  Our family theme is “Great is Thy Faithfulness” and there were 147 of us there celebrating.  (We even have pastors and worship leaders in the family.)  I think there were only about 15 relatives that weren’t able to attend.  We then spent the afternoon eating great food, visiting, playing x-box, and eating more.  (We had really great desserts!)  I was in charge of the entire Sunday event and I was thrilled with the day.  It could not possibly have gone any better!  Even the masses of little people did very well!

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights we had a bunch of people hanging at our house.  There was one big draw (beside the food, the margaritas, and the company).

The fireplace is finished and it was a hit!  Nice cool Minnesota nights, a toasty fire, and a great family are a perfect combination.  Just picture this at night with a roaring fire!  It was perfect.

Today, I’m exhausted.  So is the dog.

I feel so blessed to have spent such an amazing weekend with my extended family.

Now where did I put my knitting?


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3 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. I really want to be you when I grow up You have such a full life, I am always so happy to read what is going on with you!!! Did you find that knitting!!!

  2. What a wonderful reunion! You all are truly blessed. Great is your faithfulness is my favorite hymn. What a wonderful theme to remember daily and to know that he is ever faithful. Enjoy the time with your family. Love the fireplace.

  3. The new fireplace is awesome! It sounds like the family reunion was a total blast.

    I’m hoping you’re not doing laundry but instead getting some rest and have found your knitting.

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