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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

I’m An Egg Head


Along with the outdoor fireplace, was the addition of a Big Green Egg.

I was a little concerned about it being an ugly green blob, stuck in a fireplace, but I think we pulled it offl.  We fired The Egg up at midnight last night for its inaugural run.  I put a big pork roast in it.  I got up at 3 AM and again at 6 AM to make sure the temperature stayed at 275 degrees.  I wouldn’t have needed to check at all.  Once we got the dampers adjusted, it just stayed put!  This morning I figured out, thanks to my brother, also an Egg Head, that I didn’t have the right kind of roast to leave on for a gazillion hours.  So I took it off and got very lucky.  It was perfect!  So we now have dinner for tonight.

After the roast came off, it was time to smoke some salmon!

That will be on for a few more hours.

Here’s where we were yesterday!

There was lots of knitting.  (Be patient!  I’ll show you in a minute!)  Actually, I knit.  My Hero closed the pool.  That always makes us a bit sad because that means the white stuff will be here before we know it!

Frankie spent his evening right here!

He roasted hotdogs and visited me.  I’m not sure what the dog thought she smelled.  She was probably looking for hotdogs!

What was I knitting?

It’s the Plucky Curacao Cowl and it’s a free pattern!  Check out Thea’s blog.  She’s got some great stuff!  The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Luscious Single Silk.  The colorway is Spinel.  It was a fun knit, and hopefully cured my startitis for a while, because I need to finish some WIPs.

I’m off to check on my salmon, although I don’t think it’s going anywhere.  Then I think I need a power nap to make up for babysitting The Egg all night.  Then, I get to go help Superblonde beg for a cell phone replacement, even though her contract isn’t up.  (Wish us luck on that one!!!)  After that, Ms In Charge has a volleyball game.

And finally….we get to eat that smoked pork roast with some monster baked potatoes!


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10 thoughts on “I’m An Egg Head

  1. Oh, my goodness, Maria!

    The Big Green Egg was the absolute best gift I ever gave my husband (or myself)!

    We LOVE it and he has been cooking three to five nights a week since we got ours in February.


    ; )

  2. I’m with Frankie- I wouldn’t leave that spot unless you forced me!! What a perfect spot to sit all Fall. Gorgeous!

  3. that Big Green Egg is veeeery interesting! You’ll get the hang of it and dinner will never be the same! Closing the pool is sad. Minnesota winters are awesome. You are a lucky woman on all fronts – talented and cherished and I’m glad that you are having fun with the children and the dog-who-stands-on-two legs!!!! (I ordered the Blue Moon. It’s YOUR fault!)

  4. My brother has had an Egg for a few years now and keeps on experimenting with it. It’s an awesome grill. I look forward to other yummies you make on it. Love the candles on the fireplace – very cozy. You have a very special place in your backyard. I wouldn’t go too far from it either.

  5. Your backyard is a haven!!
    Mm, yummy food of the bbq and delish Plucky goodness. Happy knittin!

  6. We love our egg, we have had one for about 20 years, back when they were called Kamado’s instead of Big Green Eggs. Your yard looks great, the fireplace is perfect. I can’t wait to see your knitting projects. You inspire me!!!

  7. What a fun and inviting back yard you have! As if having a pool wasn’t wonderful enough, now you can enjoy a couple of the other seasons in high style. As a fellow knitter, I have to ask the question, “Can I smell your knitting?” Nothing like the yummy smell of a handful of wool that’s been worked next to an open fire. MMMM! Yes, it’s a sickness but I’m sure you understand.

  8. I’m so in love with your fireplace. It is exactly what my husband and I have been talking about building in our backyard. Only we want to put outdoor couches and comfy chairs around it instead of rocking chairs. We haven’t closed our pool yet, but that will be coming soon too.

  9. Your backyard is absolutely amazing!! fireplace, egg, pool…. I wish I was in YOUR knitting group 🙂

  10. and PS, lovely cowl 😉

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