Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Monday Morning Motivation


I’m trying to get motivated to do something around this house!  I can’t just knit and quilt all the time.  So, today I have a list.  But first I will show you a couple of finished projects from last week’s “camping” trip!

Up first is a quilt that I started last summer.

This quilt is from Sizzlin’ Sixties, a fun book by Heather Mulder Peterson of Anka’s Treasures.  The fabric is Snippits by American Jane for Moda.  Last summer when I started this quilt, I was having a hard time getting everything sewn together.  When I started working on it last week, it just worked!  Sometimes procrastination really does pay off!!!

Ms In Charge took one look at it and knew it would end up in her bedroom.  She’s the only one with the orange decor!

I also knit a little shawlette.  My mom had given me a skein of Buffalo Gold yarn and a pattern for my birthday in April.  The pattern is Calamity Jane by Kirsten Hipsky.  I finished the shawlette in 24 hours.  Then I looked at how much yarn I had left.  The next day, on a quick stop at home, I grabbed my scale.  The skein of yarn was 64 grams.  I still had 23 grams of yarn left.  And yes, the pattern was written for this yarn!  So, I ripped out the knit on border and added some rows to the shawl.  Then I chose a larger knit on border.  The only book I had with me was Brave New Knits.  (I really like this book!)  It happened to have one knit on border, by Anne Hanson!  I think it worked great!  And I used up most of my yarn.

What do I think of Buffalo Gold Yarn?  Don’t shoot me, but I wasn’t impressed.  It was really rough when I was knitting with it, and while it did bloom nicely when I soaked and blocked it, I just don’t think it’s worth all the raves it gets.  And it’s really expensive!  That’s just my opinion though!

So, now that you’ve seen a couple of finished projects, it’s time for me to find my motivation.  What do I need to do today?  Clean up around this house!!!  The pile on the kitchen counter is threatening to take over the world.  The other mess that’s making me crazy is my closet.

I have a board meeting tonight, and then I want to put this together!

I’m pretty sure I started this quilt at least 3 years ago.  Superblonde walked into my sewing room last night and claimed it.  I guess I’d better finish it, huh?

There’s also a shawl lying around that needs to be blocked.  It only took me two years to finish it!  I guess another day won’t hurt!

Oh, and one kid is getting a long needed haircut after school, and there’s a volleyball game at the same time.

How am I going to do that?


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6 thoughts on “Monday Morning Motivation

  1. Love the Heather Mulder Peterson quilt…and the other one too…is it from a pattern as well? Procrastination can be good…you’re right!

  2. the orange quilt is divine. And I love the other as well. Thanks for the buffalo gold review – good to know.
    Mondays are hard.

  3. I’m sure you did just fine today!

    You convinced me to get one of Heathers pattern books. I need to now make something out of it.

    I’d heard the Buffalo Gold was expensive but had not heard it was rough to work with. Glad to know that piece of information.

    What color is your hair these days?

  4. The quilt turned out really pretty. Maybe Lexi would like to use her Fandango with that pattern? The colors are so cheery.

  5. Your knitting is always so beautiful! I’ve made a couple of shawls, but concentrate on socks and stuff for kids. I have a couple of sweaters started for me, but they are always the last thing I do.

    My son and grandson are living with us right now, and I have to be the Haircut Lady tonight, too.

    You might have to clone yourself-I might too. Two grandsons are playing football Saturday and their games overlap. Fortunately the first one is flag football with a five-year-old and the high school player will understand if we’re a bit late for his game. Sure a good thing the granddaughter’s soccer game isn’t until Sunday!

  6. I am loving that you find time to both sew and knit. I am having trouble fitting it all in with a full time job.

    I have a great sewing room tho, and use the rolling bins with drawers for organizing and also some pizza boxes for projects. They don’t cost too much and can be used and reused.

    If you need sewing room ideas…Dream Sewing Spaces is a great book…

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