Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn



How’s that for an original title?  My brain is mush today!

First of all, I unpinned a shawl this morning and took it outside.

I’d like to introduce you to Earth Maiden by Ilga Lega.  I used two skeins of Blue Heron Rayon Metallic yarn.

Can you see the bits of gold in the yarn?  This shawl was knit horizontally, so they were some really long rows!

I started this project in October of 2008, and finally finished it on September 24th.  How’s that for a two year plan!!!

Our long weekend was….interesting.  This was at William O’Brien State Park.  Minnesota has the most amazing park system!

This walkway was right along the St. Croix river and the pine scent was intoxicating!  What you don’t see is the cranky family members.  Lets just say that there was one kid that was unhappy at all times this weekend.  And it wasn’t always the same kid.

I got some knitting time in.  Not a lot, but that wasn’t what I was planning to do anyway.

I worked on Seascape.  My mom told me I was going to get really sick of knitting this.  I’m not yet, but I’m not quite half way either.  She may be right!  The amazingly soft yarn is keeping me interested.

So today, I’m getting back to stuff:

We finally did some school shopping, so I have some sorting to do.  These kids keep growing!!!

I really could use a parenting class!!!  Any experts out there that would like to teach?

Dinner is going in the crockpot in a few minutes.

More stuff:

Dreamboy is now the tallest member of our family.  He’s 6 feet tall!!!

The Genius managed to do something that neither of her parents ever bothered to do.  She made the deans list!!!

My spinning lesson is tomorrow!

Ms. In Charge has her last volleyball game tomorrow.

Frankie was cranky for an entire day of our trip.  He’s never cranky!

Superblonde has both parents on her least favorite list.

My Hero was happy to go back to work this morning!

Maybe I should change my blog name from Passing Down Crazy to Passing Down Peaceful.



Author: mariajhmom

I'm a wife, mom, quilter, knitter, and spinner. I blog at

11 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. Beauuuuuteeful shawl! I can see why this took 2 yrs.

    It’s hard to have everyone happy at all times, isn’t it? You do have a lot going on in your family. It appears you’re doing fine, no parenting classes needed.

    Enjoy your Peacefulness. I go to work to get peace.

  2. Looks lovely, my brother lives right on the St Croix, his view is so amazing. But he isn’t happy all the time either…lol!

  3. Everyone has their moments. It sounds like all of your kids had theirs in a short cycle of time. I’ve spent so much time on the least favorite list that it’s not funny. My kids are 21 and 30 and I still manage to get on that list from time to time. Their great boys (I should say men!) and it’s funny how when they need to talk something out they come to me. Turns out being on the least favorite list forged a strong bond of trust between us. 🙂

  4. Such a lovely brown! Beautiful!

  5. Love, love this! I so wish I had the patience to knit. Sigh…

    I need a parenting class, too. Maybe one that can be both instructional AND relieve my anxiety about setting my children up for intense therapy later in life (and possibly living in my basement until age 35). Let me know if you find one. Another sigh…

  6. What a color! Looks like the best milk chocolate.
    And WHY do you think your house is exempt from crazy teenageryness?
    Nobody escapes!!

  7. Maria, i know you are a wonderful photographer but we want to see YOU modeling your knitted items! Great job, as always…..

  8. I see the gold and it is lovely!
    Are you adding more repeats to Seascape? By my count it looks like you’re past the half way mark! I’m loving working on mine…more about that in my next post…
    As far as kids and cranky…”This too shall pass.”
    Just be glad you had your knitting. ;o)

  9. Love the shawl! Gorgeous.

  10. Your knitting is always so beautiful. It would be nice to see you modeling your creations:-)

  11. What a gorgeous job you did on that shawl! Stunning!
    I love that picture of the guys in the park. I love fall.

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