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Monday Morning Miscellany


Yes…miscellany is a word.  I had to look it up.  It means a mixture of various things.  So, here we go!

I finally quilted another quilt.  Take a look.  It doesn’t happen very often!

I pieced it in January.  Its about time its finished.  I bound it last night and threw it in the wash machine.  It’s pretty cuddly now!

The pattern is called “It’s a Bling Thing” by Heather Mulder Peterson of Anka’s Treasures.  It’s in the book Let The Good Times Roll.  The fabric is a Chez Moi line from Moda.  I don’t remember what line it was and I’m too lazy to figure it out!

Oh…while I’m at it, I have another quilt top finished from the same book!

I finished this quilt in September at our retreat.  It’s an older Sandy Gervais line.  Celebrate Spring???  If I walked to my sewing room, I could tell you, but again I’m too lazy!

My Hero and Dreamboy went to the Vikings game yesterday afternoon, so I decided to try something that could have been very detrimental to my kitchen.  I dyed some yarn.

I have to confess, I feel rather guilty for dying someone else’s handdyed yarn. I ordered 4 skeins of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Peru in the Oregon Red Clover Honey colorway.  It one of my favorites.  It’s a warm honey gold.  When the yarn came, I remembered that alpaca takes dye much differently.  It was a pinky taupey yucky color.  Now remember, I’m a huge BMFA fan.  It’s not their fault.  It’s the alpaca’s fault.  So…I fixed it!  Actually, I got really lucky, because I know next to nothing about dying wool.

I wish I’d taken a before photo, but I didn’t think of that!  Here it is, coooking away!

And rinsing.

I hung it in the laundry room last night, over the sink.  My laundry room smelled like stinky wet sheep.  Here it is this morning, continuing to dry.

I love it!!!  As soon as it’s dry, I’m starting this.

Oh, and I knit a cowl from some of my handspun.  I really hate thick and thin yarn, so it was somewhat painful to knit.  I’ll show you as soon as it’s dry.  It’s actually going to be very pretty, I think.

I have a very quiet week this week.  There’s almost nothing on the calendar, except after school running with the kids.  I have big plans!!!  Here are some projects on my list:

1.  Finish some more quilt tops.  At least two just need borders.

2.  Quilt a Christmas quilt.

3.  Cook a turkey and a pork butt on the Big Green Egg. I did the hugest grocery run I’ve ever done on Saturday!

4.  Work on my spinning.  At this point, everything is hopelessly overplied.

5.  Laundry…it’s what every mom does for fulfillment….ha!

6.  Enjoy our fabulous fall weather.  It’s coming to an end soon.  It was 36 degrees this morning!

See…I told you this post was going to be full of miscellany!  Time to tackle my list.


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5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Miscellany

  1. What a pretty quilt. And I’ve done that overdye the yarn thing, also to some alpaca. It was supposed to be a marvelous turquoise and when it got to my house it was hospital green. Ugh. It’s now steely blue/grey and a much better colour. Your new colour is gorgeous.

  2. Love both quilts! I have some of that Sandy Gervais line sitting in a drawer…think I need to make a quilt with it!

  3. When you ply, try dropping down a whorl size–just watched part of a Judith MacKenzie DVD. Otherwise, I’m too much of a beginning spinner to assist!

  4. The quilts turned out pretty. Your quilting looks great too. And I really like the pattern you chose for your yarn. Fun stuff going on.

  5. Love all the movement in the Sandy Gervais quilt. And how brave you are to just dye your own wool! Good stuff.

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