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Dyeing for Color


When I purchased my spinning wheel, I received 2 pounds of cream colored roving.  (No, this isn’t a boring spinning post.  It’s much more fun than that.)  Anyone that has followed my blog for more than a day or two can probably tell that I love color.  So Frankie and I decided to play!

First, we divided the roving into 9 pieces and rolled them up.

Then we soaked them in warm water.  They wanted to float.

We spun them it out in my brand new handy dandy salad spinner.

We put plastic out on the counter and placed the roving on the plastic.  We used Wilton Gel for dying frosting.  I took a bit of gel about the size of a pea and added about a cup of hot water and a glug of vinegar.  We applied the dye with turkey basters.  When we had all the color on the roving, we wrapped up the plastic and put it in a glass cake pan. It was then micowaved for 7 minutes.

We let it cool for a while and then rinsed it.

Then we lined it up on a towel to dry.

The colors did some strange things.  For instance, the one on the bottom right that is green and purple was actually just black gel.  That’s how the colors separated.  The turquoise and royal blue one on the right was just royal blue.  The turquoise just showed up.

This stuff has now been moved to the laundry room because my kitchen smelled like sheep soaked in vinegar and oil salad dressing.  Not very appetizing!

Once it’s dry, I’ll braid it to make it look cool.  It will be great stuff to practice on.  I just couldn’t spin 2 pounds of cream roving without dying of boredom.

The whole process probably took us about 2 hours and we had a lot of fun.  We thought about dyeing the dog.  All that pretty white fur…



Author: mariajhmom

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5 thoughts on “Dyeing for Color

  1. I love dyeing yarn but don’t get to it that often. Your roving looks fantastic!

  2. It has been done before.

    Of course, the ASPCA would be there to arrest you…

    Better stick with yarn. We love you too much.

  3. Salad spinners are one of the most under appreciated knitting tools out there! I use mine to get the water out of socks and lace swatches. Easy and fun!

  4. That is sooo funny that you posted that; I was wondering about dyeing roving…and now I know! Thanks, you made it look so simple, I might just try it someday.

  5. Dare ya to dye the dog.

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