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Yes, I’m Going To Vote!!!


I’m putting off two things today.  Voting and staining a bunch of boards for a pergola.  Don’t worry!  I’ll do both.  But first I’ll avoid my civic duty for a little longer and tell you about the crafty things going on around here.

We had another retreat on Friday and Saturday at My Hero’s office.  His office is everyone’s new favorite hangout!  I made this.

It’s supposed to be for Dreamboy’s room, but he says it’s too girly.  My plan was to add some brown corduroy pillows.  Now the plan is up in the air.  We’ll see how it all plays out.  I haven’t even measured the bed to see if it needs borders.

I’ve done a bunch of spinning.  This is one of the Wilton dyeing projects that Frankie and I did.

I spun this:

into this:

I also spun both of these.  I did part of it big and chunky, and the second one thin and relatively even.  I have one more bobbin to spin and then I’ll ply the finer ones.

I’m not loving the color.  The gold and burgundy remind me of Minnesota Gophers colors and I’ve always hated their colors.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with this stuff.  The chunky yarn would make a cool hat, I guess.

Yes, I’ve been knitting too.  Hypernova is coming along really well.

I’m over 350 stitches per row, so it’s slowing down!  I also found out that if you make a mistake in the double yarnover section, it’s a bugger to fix!!!  I’m paying attention now!!!

Ok, I’m going to go buy some stain and I’m going to vote.  You can’t complain if you don’t vote!!!  And you can’t stain boards if you don’t buy the stain.

How profound!


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8 thoughts on “Yes, I’m Going To Vote!!!

  1. Your spinning is much improved! Love the colors. I can see where Dream Boy thinks the quilt is too girly; my son would be the same way. The colors say Boy, but I think boys think polka dots are for girls. I hope it finds a good home because it’s beautiful! Brown Cordoroy pillows are a great idea to “man it up”.

    I plan on voting; just wish I liked the people I’m voting for – they all behaved badly this election….

  2. I know what you can do with that gopher yarn… you can sell it to me 🙂

    I voted yesterday …luv being able to absentee vote here!

    I think the bad behavior is becoming a norm for all of them 😦

  3. Minnesota and its gophers DO have icky colors. I went to Ohio State – much better colors AND we dominate the Big 10. Except in hockey…

    I’m loving watching you turn a ball of what looks like twisted fuzz into beautiful and yummy yarn. I wish I could knit. Sigh…

  4. You have 5 nieces and 1 nephew in Texas with the gopher school colors. No, you knit it not me.

  5. Love all these tops you have been cranking out! You go girl!

  6. you are becoming quite the spinner! I love the colors! You have an intuitive way with color that is so satisfying. Are you enjoying the process a lot?

  7. You’re spinning is lovely. I think Dreamboy may regret his decision. And I love ALL your colours. Happy voting and staining.

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