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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

The Learning Curve: Week 4


I took my one and only spinning lesson 4 weeks ago today.  After my epic fail this weekend, I now have this!

This is from one of the rovings that Frankie and I dyed.  I did decide after doing some reading, that the roving felted a little bit when we microwaved it.  Oh, well.  What do you expect from someone who has never dyed before and a 10 year old?  I’m still really enjoying working with color!

I also finished Hypernova.

We were all hanging out last night, and the goofy dog decided she should lie down on my wet shawl.  Why?????

I may even model this one this afternoon when the kids get home.  I’m not hanging out in my pajamas for once.  My hair looks decent too, because today was the big “cover the gray and haircut” day!  No promises though.

Time to dig out the laundry room!  I did a gazillion loads of laundry yesterday.  It’s all folded, but I just need to distribute it to everyone’s room.  The kids put their own laundry away (or not) but I need to put mine away.  Then it’s tortellini soup for dinner tonight.  After that, it’s piano and homework.  And later…some knitting and spinning.

Life is good!  God is good!


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7 thoughts on “The Learning Curve: Week 4

  1. ….because she could. It probably smelled like sheep to her. Cute! They always go where you don’t want them. I like the color & texture of the shawl. I hope I get to see it modeled!
    Tortellini soup – yummy.

  2. Oooh – me likey that yarn! And when you’re done with your laundry chores, I have laundry Mt. Kilimanjaro down here you can tackle. ‘kay?

  3. Ooooh–Hypernova is really pretty! Lovely color, too.

  4. You go, girl! Love the colors on your bobbin!

    I would love to see you model the SuperNova. I’m still plugging away on my EZ Anniversary Shawl.

  5. Look at those gorgeous singles – I KNEW you’d be a natural – YAHOOOO!

  6. PS – the house next door’s for sale 🙂

  7. I am learning to spin also..glad to know that merino is not for beginners…would be a shame to wreck what I have..LOL

    Love the singles that you have now..I am also bullheaded and don’t give up…Have fun at your retreat…

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