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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Don’t Drink and Dye


So…we dyed yarn yesterday.

Most. Fun. Ever.

One of the ladies had a nasty sinus infection and almost decided to skip class.  In the afternoon, someone got her tea and honey…and a shot of tequila.  It didn’t take long, and she was feeling much better.  The motto of the story?  Wait for it!

Don’t drink and dye!!!

Anyway, I had a blast dying yarn even without the tequila.

I woke up to bright sunny skies today and thought about going for a walk.  I’m learning that when you’re in the Northwest, you’d better go for a walk right now while the sun is shining.  I missed it.  I just went for a walk to photograph my yarn and almost froze!

So, are you ready for a yarn tour?  Everything we dyed was silk or had silk in it.  Rather than tell you all about each yarn, I’ll just link you to that particular yarn on the Blue Moon Fiber Arts website.  Then it will be easier for you to buy some!!!

I’ll start with my favorite.  This is Geisha.  It’s a big honkin’ skein of yarn and will probably be a large shawl.

The totem pole is a landmark at the Inn, and I thought this guy looked like he wanted to touch my yarn.  Look!  He’s smiling….maybe.

Up next are silk hankies.  If you didn’t read yesterdays post, I showed how we knit with them.  Knitty has a great article on how to spin silk hankies.  If you want to knit with them, just follow the same instructions.  I’m going to knit mittens with mine.  They’re extremely lightweight and warm.

This is Silkie Socks That Rock.  It takes dye a little differently, because one ply is a silk and wool blend.

This is actually two skeins of yarn.  Tina of Blue Moon Fiber Arts made a beautiful wrap with one skein of Silk Thread and one skein of Silkmo.  We were told that if we wanted to, we could make the two skeins to coordinate.  So I did!  (Notice the Inn in the background.  It’s so serene!)

Here’s a shot so you can see the totem pole.  The color is probably more accurate in this photo.

And last, but certainly not least, is bombyx silk top roving.  I was unaware that Blue Moon Fiber Arts sold roving.  Maybe because I wasn’t a spinner. I am now!

Last night was show and tell with all things silk.  Sarah Hauschka had some beautiful circular shawls knit with beautiful handspun.  I also found out that Sarah came up with the idea and wrote the booklet on using The Magic Loop.  Those of us who hate double point needles are forever grateful to her.

I’m so inspired by the amazing projects I saw this week!  I’m pretty sure I can stay busy the rest of my life.  I’ve certainly never been bored in my life and I never will be!

Speaking of staying busy!  I’m going to go spin for a while.



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7 thoughts on “Don’t Drink and Dye

  1. Those pics are great! It was so much fun. Travel safely this week!

  2. That is totally awesome!! I love it all… 🙂

  3. Love your yarn photos! Yours turned out beautifully.

    My skeins are currently drying on a rack in front of the fire – I may never put them away as I can’t bear to put all that lovely color into a drawer!

    Such a great weekend – glad to meet you there. 🙂

  4. It looks like a beautiful place and I know you’re having a wonderful time. I love your hand dyed yarns. You did a fantastic job!

  5. Those pictures should be at our house.

  6. Pondering yesterday’s post- If you can make silk hats out of a worm’s house, why can’t you make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear? Just thinkin.

  7. Geisha is beeeautiful. Totally yummy.

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