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Just One More Christmas Project


As you may or may not know, my daughter named my blog.  (It used to be our blog!  Feel free to guest post, Genius!)  I found out today that my mom is capable of Passing Down Crazy as well!!!

This morning she emailed me an Advent project.  It’s a lace scarf and you get a pattern each day for 24 days.  It starts December 1st.  Actually, the first pattern is already posted.  There’s also a Ravelry group for it.

Am I going to do it?  Of course!  Doesn’t everyone need just one more thing to do every day until Christmas!  Mom and The Genius are going to participate as well.

After mom messed with my head showed me this project, I went downstairs to dig in my lace cupboard.  Yes, I have a cupboard full of lace yarn.  Right in the front was this, already wound.

It’s Schaefer Anne and it’s the perfect color for Christmas knitting.  I can also use beads if I’d like.  I haven’t dug in that drawer yet.  If you decide to join, let me know in the comments that I sucked you in encouraged you to join.

I thought I had posted Frankie’s new hat, but I forgot. I finished it Friday night.  Check this out!!!

It’s the Annoyed Monster Hat.  I used Brown Sheep Worsted.

Do you think he likes it?  He’s hardly taken it off since he got it!

I finished some spinning the night before Thanksgiving and keep forgetting to post it.

The left skein is navajo plyed.  All that means is that it will stripe because it’s only one color at a time.  The other skein is a 3 ply and mixes the colors.  I’ll use them together in a project some day.  I have about 440 yards to work with.  The roving was purchased from Woolgatherings on etsy.  I want everything she dyes!!!

The kids had a snow day today, but everyone is staying busy.  I haven’t even heard The Bickersons!!!  They haven’t had school since last Wednesday, so I’ll be happy to wave them off tomorrow!

Gotta go!  We actually have a social life with real live adults tonight!  Yippee!!!


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12 thoughts on “Just One More Christmas Project

  1. Ok, I am in — I am so gullible!

    I just happen to have 990 yards of Buffalo Gold Lux in a beautiful Lupin color that is a good match for my winter jacket.

    45% bison down/20% cashmere/20% silk/ 5%tencel

    I am going to walk the dog and then cast on — if I try to cast on first, she will drive me nuts!!

    It has been cold and windy here in the Old Pueblo (Tucson) —- in the high 20’s this morning — just the inspiration I need to knit myself a scarf!!!


  2. Stupid crazy committment, I still haven’t finished my ravelolympics sweater! But looks like fun.

  3. Oh, no you don’t- not again!! I’m not hearing you…..sticking my fingers in my ears…”fuzzy yellow ducks, fuzzy yellow ducks, fuzzy yellow ducks….”

    Frankie looks awesome in his very cool hat. Do you suppose I could pull that off at the ripe old age of 29 (43)?
    Your handspun ROCKS, and has me dreaming of ‘Thorpe’s.
    Don’t be surprised if I hit you up for a trade after the holidays!

  4. Nice…first you talk me into spinning..then I get a wheel and now its knitting an Advent scarf..

    I have some Silk…in fuschia…that would be nice for winter…I am at work so will have to cast on tonight…

  5. No! Why do I read this blog? You get me into trouble over and over again! I carefully decided not to do any Christmas knitting this year and concentrate on finishing the 12 projects I have going — no new projects until January 1. Now this — and I have just the right yarn staring at me from across the room, and I’m bored with all the old stuff, and it’s only one section a day, can’t take too long, right? Then I’ll work on the WIPs….

  6. Arrgghhh! I have cast on in a lovely Malabrigo Lace in Col Chine — reds, pinks, greens…very Christmasy! Thanks….I think!!

  7. Yay for Schaefer Anne — I have some nice blue green at home, but won’t be home for another week… maybe I’ll cast on tomorrow for the Advent Scarf LOL

    Your son’s hat is fabulous — I’m surprised that all his friends aren’t in line for you to make them one!

  8. Because your talent ALWAYS leads me down the path to MORE projects I might have to censor you. Or me. Whichever, it doesn’t matter because it won’t work! LOVE Frankie’s hat!!!! What would we do w/o news from the Bickerson’s??!!!!

  9. I think I would like to do this, but wonder if there is a picture? I am not familiar with an advent scarf. It sounds fun. Nola

  10. Miss Incharge needs a girly hat. Lime Green with Pink Bow and horns. You should do it. MERRY CHRISTMAS

  11. Miss Incharge needs a girly hat. Lime Green with Pink Bow and horns. You should do it. MERRY CHRISTMAS MOM

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