Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Grab Some Caffeine


…because you’re going to need it for this post.  I feel like I’ve been extremely boring lately.

Saturday was spent spinning.  I finished turning this:

8 oz of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Corriedale in the “I Mad Heart You” colorway.

into this:

Almost 600 yards of fingering weight 3 ply.  I was in a hurry to finish it because my plan was to give it to my mom for Christmas.  I’m thinking now that I won’t, because it seems kind of dark.  It seems more like a Minnesota yarn than a Texas one.  I may give her a rain check.  I have a hunk of “My Blue Heaven” roving that is her favorite color, but that’s what I always give her.  Here’s one more shot.

What do you think?  Mom’s or mine?

Yesterday was a funeral and a chance to see lots of great relatives.  Last night, we had our own family party.  We were pretty low key on the gifts this year, so nothing too exciting!

And today I’ll give you a shot of my front yard instead of the back.

Yep!  Another snow day.  The kids went to school for two hours this morning and now they’re back home.  Frankie and a friend are out on the little kid snowmobiles and everyone else is hanging out.  I should be paying bills, working on Christmas cards, packing to leave for my parents, and cleaning up the clutter.  What I’d really like to do is take a nap.

So, did you consume enough caffeine to stay awake for the saga of my exciting weekend?  I’m not complaining though!  My goal this year is to stay sane and to be content through all the rush of Christmas.

Here is the music that has been going through my head this week.  Sit back, take a big breath, and relax and know that All Is Well.


Author: mariajhmom

I'm a wife, mom, quilter, knitter, and spinner. I blog at

12 thoughts on “Grab Some Caffeine

  1. Ahem…I think I’d like for that yarn to be MINE! ha! It’s gorgeous!

  2. That yarn is just amazing. Just love the colors of it!! And all that snow. UGH! I like the first snowfall, but then I’m done! :o)

    Have a Wonderful Christmas!

  3. Okay – so how many snow days are you all alotted each year? Ohio…3. And we’ve already had 1. It was bogus, too – 3″ of light powder and people around here FREAK out! I like your snow much better than our dinky snow. We have 1-2″ forecasted for tonight and you should see the grocery store parking lot – packed with people who think they have to hunker down for the big storm!

    Loving the yarn. Looks like Minnesota yarn. Texas yarn I would think would be big and teased and hairsprayed and made-up. No?

  4. That yarn is amazing!! It almost makes me want to learn to spin!!

  5. Your yarn reminds me of the Tanglewood Yarns, they are beautiful and expensive. I think she would be happy with anything you made, she’s your Mom.

    Your inspiring me, Santa may have to bring me a spinning wheel.

    Love all the snow, you’re definitely having a “White Christmas.”

  6. Maria – I really notice the improvement of the spinning, not that I’m an expert or anything, but you’ve really learned a lot in a short time. You should keep that skein for yourself.

    I think all that snow you’ve been getting has gotten into your blog 🙂

    I’m also getting overwhelmed at all that has to be done yet, and yes, I wish I could take a nap. Right now, though, I’m wrapping a few presents while watching the Viking/Bears game.

  7. Whew, you sure are getting a ton of snow! Gorgeous handspun! Awesome yardage too!!

  8. I think it’s your yarn. Texas yarn is aqua isn’t it? Why can’t I play the music? Can’t say I love your snow cause it’s my snow too. Add a little sleet.

  9. Mine (but that sounds terribly greedy in a season of giving.)

  10. The colors!!! I love the colors!! Definitely not Texas colors, though (Sorry Maria’s Mom).

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  12. Beautiful song! We sang it in church choir this year, and it has been running through my head ever since. If you can’t play it from the blog site, click through to YouTube and play it there.

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