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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Miles and Miles of Thread


This is where I spend a lot of my day yesterday.  I started quilting this last week, and I was determined to finish it!

I haven’t quilted anything since before Christmas, so what do I start on?  A king size quilt thats 116 inches square. I finished it at about 11 PM.  Dreamboy was ready to kick me out, because the longarm is in his bedroom.  (Actually, his bed is in my longarm room.  I was there first.)  I took the quilt upstairs and laid it out to look at it.  Then I just kind of shoved it out of the way and went to bed.

Here’s where the kids found Georgie this morning.

My project for today is to get the binding on it.  The hand stitching is going to take a while.  I’m thinking I’m going to scallop the borders.

I’ve been finding some stuff while digging through my sewing room that will offer further proof that I’m crazy.  More on that later!

I need to dig through a bunch of unfinished knitting projects too.  I’ll bet I can find some things I want to finish and maybe a few to frog.

I also found out that quilting and cleaning don’t go together.  My house is a mess.  I suppose I should do something about that today as well!

Time to get moving….maybe!  I should knit just a few rows first.  My knitting has been neglected this week!


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8 thoughts on “Miles and Miles of Thread

  1. That’s really impressive! I’m having trouble getting myself to work on my foster daughter’s Christmas-present-quilt (twin size) and a baby present quilt for a baby anticipated to be born in about two weeks–and you’re working on a king size quilt! Wow…

    But you’re right, quilting and cleaning are incompatible. I cleaned, moved my sewing machine to a more appropriate place, and now the table it’s on wobbles. Phooey.

  2. I like your kind of crazy!!!

  3. You inspire me…. To take a nap! Reading about your productivity makes me tired. And obviously Georgie knows quality when she sleeps on it! You are a rock star.

  4. Hi. You continue to do beautiful work and I am totally envious.
    I have a question. I am a part-time quilter (almost full time fabric collector, but I digress) I am machine quilting (not long arm) a panel quilt with 4 – 3″ borders, and I started by stitching in the ditch; it’s o.k., but what is really frustrating me is the way the backing ‘tucks’ as I’m stitching the front. It’s not easily corrected and I’m really just settling; thinking that it’s “close enough”. Do you recommend anything? I did baste, but I’m wondering if it wasn’t enough. Should my feed dog be adjusted? I would have better control over this with hand quilting, but don’t have the luxury of time for this one. Any thoughts?

  5. Your quilt is wonderful! I have been saving my collection of Swell for over two years now–I like it so much I hate to cut into it! Part of my dilema is that some of my Swell is yardage, but most of it is fat quarters, and I do not want to pre-wash the FQs, yet there is so much red in it, I am afraid it will run. Did you pre-wash, or did you jump right in?? I love the pattern you used–it shows off the fabric pattern perfectly! Your work is lovely, and your blog is inspiring and ENTERTAINING! Thank you…

  6. Wow did that ever turn out pretty. Your quilting is perfect. I’m eager to see the finished quilt.

  7. That gingham sashing is wonderful…the quilt is wonderful!!!!

  8. your little Georgie just cracks me up – a little “feed dog”! As always – the work is sensational, love your colors.

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