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Quilting on the Brain!


After quilting all last week, I decided I needed to clean my sewing room.  Quilt retreat is in our basement, and I didn’t want to bring all that stuff back upstairs before I did some sorting.  My sewing room isn’t perfect, but it’s much better!

I have a finished quilt top to show you, but I cheated.  A couple weeks ago at our quilt day, my aunt was piecing a quilt and she didn’t like it.  I jokingly told her she could give me the quilt, and I’d give her some fabric.  Well, she took me up on the deal.  I had the border fabrics, so all I added were the red and the floral borders.

I love this quilt!!!  I got the pink polka dot flannel for the backing.  I’m probably not going to quilt this one for a while, because it’s going on the chair in Superblonde’s room…after she goes to college.  We’ve threatened to back a dumpster up to her window when she leaves.  Let’s just say her room is really bad!!!

The fabric is Bliss by Bonnie and Camille for Moda.  The pattern is Jelly and Jam by Fig Tree Quilts.  And no, Betty, you can’t have it back!  (She chose some Civil War prints in exchange!) I still can’t believe she didn’t like it, but I’m not complaining.

I also completed another quilt top that I’m so in love with, and I can’t show it to you!  It’s going to be in the next book by Heather Peterson of Anka’s Treasures.  We had the rare pleasure of a show of some of the new quilts going in her next book.  You’re in for a treat, but not until spring market.   She finished the quilt that you see on her latest blog post.  She’s probably got it quilted by now.  She’s really fast!

I’m ready for a quiet week after a whole week of quilt retreat.  I’ve definitely got quilting on the brain, so there will be more of that.  I need to get going on some more knitting as well as some spinning.

Oh, and it’s laundry time!  And I need to do some cooking.  My long suffering family is ready for some good meals.

G’night all!  Have a great Monday!

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9 thoughts on “Quilting on the Brain!

  1. Cute quilt… have to love a fast finish no matter how you get it!

  2. I can’t believe your aunt didn’t like it but it certainly worked out well for everyone in the end. It’s really cute and I’m sure it will look wonderful in SuperBlonde’s room when she goes to college.

  3. Oh, what a stunning quilt! I love the Bliss line of fabric and a flannel backing will make it extra cozy! Your precious little doggie snoozing near the quilt was the icing on the cake! Thank you for the eye candy and inspiration.

  4. Love your quilt…you sure got a good deal on that one! And I’m seriously jealous that you’ve seen Heather’s new book…I have been waiting for her to put out a new one…she didn’t release any new patterns this fall…so I keep waiting!!!

  5. Oh…and your sewing room looks great…really great!

  6. I love your quilt but I love your sewing room even more!!!!!!

  7. I want your sewing space!
    Congratulations on your beautiful quilt coup!

  8. I am in love with your sewing room! Will you adopt me? I promise to clean up after myself….Honest!

  9. trolling/catching up as usual … but did a double take on your sewing room photo when I saw it on Flickr ROFL — it looks great and boy do we wish our own could look like that LOL Mr. Hero’s working attire is quite something, too … colorful! I guess life is NEVER boring at your house 🙂

    I’m about to do some quilting again after a long stretch of knitting — AFTER I get stuff gone through and pull a project or two out to work on. My sewing room has looked like a bomb has gone off in it for too long (knitting stuff) but it is still taking a long time to organize patterns (no, I don’t need 5 printings of some patterns — there is something called Ravelry) and I actually ventured into a quilt store recently, too. Amazing!! And I did see a Ms Doggie photo up on Flickr, so I’m happy! Best, Maryjo

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