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I mailed a package last week.  I’ll help you figure out where it went!

If you guessed Texas, you’re pretty smart!  In April of 2008 (yes, almost three years ago) I made Mom a quilt.  The story is here.  And then it sat in my bin of quilt tops until last week.  I kept thinking it needed custom quilting and I couldn’t do it.  The plan was to send it to her and she was going to find someone to quilt it, but I never got around to mailing it.

Anyway, last week I found my quilting courage and just went after it.

I just did loops in the red squares and into the light part of the nine patches.  It worked great, except I couldn’t see where I was going on the red squares.  Oh well!  Nobody else can see it either.

And here’s the center.

I got a phone call from Mom today.  She didn’t know the quilt was coming.  When she saw the box was from me, she figured she’d have to find a quilter.  You have to get up really early in the morning to stay ahead of Mom!!!

The quilt will hang on the wall in the playroom at Mom’s house.  She has a really cool red wood table and chairs and they should be a great match!

So, now you know the secret from last week!

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11 thoughts on “Surprise!!!

  1. What beautiful quilts! Sometimes the best results happen when you bite your lip, clear your mind and just get at the task at hand. (This is generally how I get anything done!! lol). We also had another snowstorm this weekend! Geezz!!
    Have a great day and keep thinking “Spring”!

  2. It really is gorgeous and the center quilting is amazing!

  3. What a beautiful quilt….your Mother must be thrilled. I’m still trying to find my quilting courage……you did awesome job on the quilting….:o)

  4. Yes, I love this quilt. Maria has now made 4 quilts for my playroom. One is on the table, 2 on big walls and one is turning into a warm blanket on the sofa. I also have a quilt in my living area. I love every one of them. She may tell me she is finished with quilting for me.

  5. so pretty!!! you are so talented!!!

  6. This Texas gal is ready to kick off her boots and curl up with that quilt!! What a lucky Mom you have!!

  7. Oh wow! Lovely quilt! You are very good! Your mom is very lucky! Are you willing to quilt a Hoosier one for me???

  8. What a beautiful quilt!!! All your quilts come out beautifully!!

  9. She was very happy and proud. I saw it at knitting Monday night. I am so glad you did the quilting yourself. It is even more special now.

  10. That is a beautiful quilt!!

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